Use Twitter to Sell Domain Names

Social media web sites are creating new sales and acquisition opportunities for merchants of all kinds, including domainers. It has permanently altered customer communications in a profound way. Blogs are the obvious example, but there are now so many more compelling social media outlets that you can leverage.

So now that we’ve stated the obvious 🙂 , how do you sort the wheat from the chaff and use your time effectively? Start somewhere and experiment is always a good first step! Here’s something we’ve done at NameMedia that I recommend you try:

We created a Twitter page to promote AfternicDLS Expanded Promotion listings. Twitter is a popular “micro-blogging” tool that has grown rapidly in the past year. It’s pretty easy to use, so your setup time will be quite brief.

Twitter provides a blog-like interface, but limits the length of your posts (called a “tweet”) to 140 characters. Then they make it really easy to connect with other members (called “following”). You can post from your computer, IM, and by text messaging.

The end result is a customized feed of tweets from all the members that you follow. What I see when I log in to Twitter is different from what you will see.

Your opportunity as a domain name seller is to post compelling domains for sale, domains you’d like to buy, links, or other information. The conciseness of each tweet keeps your message focused, and it allows members to quickly scan and pick out items of interest. If you post compelling tweets, other members will add you to their Twitter page. A search engine helps you find other members (try searching for “domains”). Anybody that you choose to follow is notified. You can also message other members.

This is effective direct marketing, because you are engaged with others at a personal level. And anything that easily connects a mass of buyers and sellers is an efficient marketplace, and one you want to evaluate.

I hope to connect with you on Twitter soon!

Expanded Promotion Best Practice : Increase Sales by Responding Quickly to Offers

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”
-Will Rogers

From time to time, we will post best practices for selling your domains on AfternicDLS. This post is about how you can increase sales by pricing your domains quickly in response to offers.

Every good sales person will tell you that the “warmer” the lead, the better. A lead starts getting “cold” immediately – just like a new car depreciates rapidly once you drive it off the dealer’s lot.

Responding quickly to offers demonstrates that you are serious and trustworthy. It also prevents the customer from finding alternative domains. In short, you interact with the customer when they are the most receptive to you.

Our sales team, which sells more premium domains than anyone in the world, always communicates with interested customers as soon as they possibly can. Take a look at to see this in action. We recently added “Live Chat” buttons to allow customers to instantly chat with our sales team. This is in addition to our toll-free phone numbers and price request form. And that’s why we put our phone numbers in Expanded Promotion listings on Afternic, too.

Your unpriced Expanded Promotion domains will be listed on BuyDomains as “Request Price”. This means that a BuyDomains customer – very likely to be an end-user who will pay a premium for the domain – submits a lead to your assigned sales executive either online or by phone. We then send you a request to price the domain via email.

Respond to these offers quickly! Treat a lead from BuyDomains just as you would an offer or private message on Afternic. The longer you take to price your domain, the less interest a customer will have. Even if you price the domain at a premium because you are inclined to hold on it, you should still price it quickly. This establishes credibility in the mind of the customer and engages them.

Purchase an appraisal if you need pricing help. We can expedite your appraisal if you have an offer waiting.

Call your sales executive if you have questions. We are here to help you monetize your domains.

Domain Names are the “Golden Key”

Pragmatic’s Product Marketing blog has a great post about the growing importance of domain names. For us, this is preaching to the choir. But it’s another tool for converting the masses.

The post is chock full of advice that matches the messaging AfternicDLS uses everyday to successfully sell domain names to end-users. A few highlights:

  1. A company’s product strategy can hinge on their domain name management strategy.
  2. Purchasing the right domain name is an efficient marketing spend.
  3. “The human mind gravitates toward good names; those that are user-friendly and trustworthy.” i.e.: don’t make people think too much! The right domain name is worth it.

Afternic and BuyDomains Site Enhancements

Three recent site enhancements to highlight:

1. – our new home page now includes a link to our Recent Sales. It’s directly under the “Sell Your Domains” button. Many customers asked us to include this on our home page again.

2. – you can now chat live directly with our team of domain experts from the BuyDomains home page and search results. This will allow you to IMMEDIATELY contact us with any questions about domains of interest. And as always, we also continue to be available by phone.

And don’t forget to set domain alerts to keep track of new domains of interest that come into our inventory. Just like Google Alerts.

BuyDomains :

Afternic :

Fond Farewell from Roger Collins

Dear Members,

It is with mixed emotions that I announce I am stepping down as GM of Watching over this franchise from December, 2002 until now has been the best job I’ve ever had. However, I want to take a break, and I know that Afternic will continue to thrive under the incredible management team already in place.

Our members are already benefiting from NameMedia integration synergies: AfternicDLS + integration with the BuyDomains sales force, improved User Interface, and enhanced Appraisals are positive steps we have taken together in 2007.

Who would have thought we would see the day where Afternic Expanded Promotion names would be listed on Moniker?

And I’ll let you in on a secret: even bigger benefits are planned in the coming months, so keep your eyes open! I will miss being a part of the team launching the exciting new functionality planned for coming months—though I know I’ll benefit as an active AfternicDLS member.

I will also miss the Afternic team. I hope that I’ll be able to work with a team as talented, hard working, and friendly again someday.

Afternic members: you are the power users of the Internet and it has been a pleasure serving you. You gave Afternic a second chance in 2003 and have been loyal supporters of a thriving enterprise ever since. Thank you.

If you ever need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to our amazing customer service team via any of the normal channels (including the forum), or David Hauser at dhauser (at)

I look forward to watching Afternic continue to thrive and grow, and will continue participating as an enthusiastic member.

I will see you soon on the Discuss Names Forum!

Very best regards,
Roger Collins

What You Will Find on the AfternicDLS Blog

Welcome to the AfternicDLS Blog. We hope this is the start of many great conversations.

Why did we start this blog? To better help our community use Afternic, our domain listing service AfternicDLS, BuyDomains, and the entire family of NameMedia properties. Many of our members had requested more frequent updates from us. And we hope to learn more about how to help you buy, sell, and park domains.

NameMedia had already achieved great success selling domains, primarily to small businesses, through, when Afternic joined the NameMedia family as 2006 drew to a close. We hoped to add this unique marketing prowess to Afternic and we launched AfternicDLS with this in mind. If you are already a member, you know that you can choose to promote your domains on Afternic’s distribution partners, including, by selecting “Expanded Promotion” on any of your listed domains. We’ve been very happy with the results – we recently found that Expanded Promotion domains are 10 times as likely to sell.

What does the future hold? We plan to add tons to AfternicDLS in the coming year. We are working on new ways to enable sellers to market their domains to large audiences of buyers. We’re also working on new portfolio management tools to make it easier to price, list, park and sell domains.

We’ll post announcements whenever we roll out a new enhancement. This blog will serve as a complement, not a replacement, to the rich conversations found in, our forum.

Looking forward to a fantastic close of the year and to an equally prosperous 2008!