AfternicDLS Featured Member: Luke Itano, TenthMuseMedia

For years we’ve known AfternicDLS members own some of the best portfolios in the world. From time to time we’ll feature members with portfolios that stand out.

Luke Itano, whose username is TenthMuseMedia, has recently listed over 700 great generic and brandable names. His NameMedia Account Executive Ted Olson notes that Luke’s portfolio “has exceptional quality and marketability.” Luke owns many impressive geo-targeted, business, finance, religious and legal names among many others.

See Luke’s entire portfolio

Some of the highlights include:

    Luke became interested in domain names while studying intellectual property at Stanford Law School under Mark Lemley, and formed Tenth Muse Media LLC in early 2007.

    “I’m a public interest fellow at the law school, and saw domains as a way to make possible a legal career in which I never have to charge more than a dollar for my future public interest legal services,” Luke says. “I’m a rising-3L at Stanford, and took an academic leave of absence during the 2007-08 academic year in order to focus all of my energies on the business.”

    Click here to view the TenthMuseMedia portfolio listed on Afternic or contact Ted Olson at 781-839-2852 and tolson (at) to inquire about any of the domains listed for sale.

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    Afternic Auctions Launches Today

    Big news today on AfternicDLS!

    We are proud to launch Afternic Auctions. For the first time ever, members have pre-drop access to exclusive expiring domains on Afternic.

    It’s live now on Afternic!

    How does it work?

    Afternic Auctions have two phases: the PreOrder period and the live auction period.

    During the PreOrder period, before a name is in live auction, you can place a PreOrder on a domain name. This PreOrder ensures that: 1) the name will go to auction and 2) you will be included in the auction once it goes live. Domains which are not preordered by at least one member will not go to auction. Each Afternic Auction domain is available for PreOrder for at least 35 days before the start of its auction.

    Once an expiring domain is in a live auction, Afternic Auctions function just like Closing Soon auctions currently function. We employ the same proxy bidding and escrow systems that we do now. You will be able to view who is bidding against you once your preordered domain goes into a live auction

    There are two differences to note. These auctions will run for 5 days, instead of the 7 day auctions of member listings. Also, Afternic Auctions will start and end at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) every day.

    Where do I find Afternic Auctions?

    1. Search Results Afternic Auction domains are found in our search results. We have added tabs to our search results to help you narrow your search

    a. ALL – shows all listed domains on Afternic including member listings and Afternic Auctions, both in Closing Soon or not.
    b. MEMBER LISTINGS – all domains listed by AfternicDLS members, both in Closing Soon or not.
    c. AFTERNIC AUCTIONS – all Afternic Auction domains, both in PreOrder status or in a Closing Soon live auction.
    d. CLOSING SOON – all Closing Soon auctions, both member listings and Afternic Auctions.

    2. Afternic Auction Search Page -Advanced Search features to search Afternic Auctions only

    3. Downloadable Inventory – Links to download our inventory are available on our home page and our Afternic Auctions Search Page

    4. Afternic Alerts & Watchlist – use your alerts and watchlist, found in MyAfternic, to find Afternic Auction domains

    5. Closing Soon RSS Feed – Afternic Auction domains which are in live auction will be found anywhere Closing Soon domains are listed, including our Closing Soon RSS feed.

    Does NameMedia participate in Afternic Auctions?

    No – we will not bid against you in Afternic Auctions.

    How do I find out more?

    We invite you to explore Afternic Auctions:

    A complete list of FAQs is available here

    We love feedback! Please feel free to comment here or on, email questions to auctions (at), or call us at 866-351-9586 or 781-839-7990 (then press 2). For Sale on Afternic

    NameMedia is proud to offer for sale on Afternic.

    This short, memorable one-word domain will be a sterling addition to a savvy investor’s portfolio. At an asking price of $900,000, it is a great investment for development, parking, or resale.

    Bid on this domain today on Afternic. Or you can purchase it immediately on BuyDomains.

    Please call Jason Miner, VP Sales at (781) 839-2841 or at jminer (at) to inquire about or any of our other 2,000,000 domains listed on Afternic and BuyDomains.

    Sell Your Domains to NameMedia

    Looking to put some holiday season cash in your stocking?

    We checked our names, and then checked them twice and it turns out we want more!

    We are assessing a flurry of portfolios from domain name owners offering to sell names to NameMedia by year end. In many cases we are buying.

    If you would like to sell a single name or large portfolio before the close of 2007, simply contact me directly at 781-839-2812, or email me at plamson (at)

    Here’s to a happy and profitable New Year!

    Pete Lamson
    GM – NameMedia Marketplace and Affiliate Parking Businesses

    Most Searched Categories

    We recently posted why it’s a good idea to categorize your listed domains. But what categories are domain buyers browsing the most?

    Here are the most popular categories on Afternic by pageviews from the past 90 days:

    1. Acronyms
    2. Business
    3. Words & Phrases
    4. Real Estate
    5. Entertainment & Leisure
    6. Health
    7. Non-English
    8. Advertising, Sales & Marketing
    9. Technology
    10. Internet

    Acronyms include the categories for 1 & 2, 3, and 4 characters. No surprise that this category along with Words & Phrases and Non-English are heavily browsed. Business and technology are well-represented. The autos category was a surprise to me; I did not expect it to crack the top ten, but it only reached #16.

    This provides some insight into buyer demand. Use this data – and any data you find on other marketplaces and in forums – when you price your domains and when you consider which types of domains to purchase.

    FYI, we have planned some enhancements to our categories. Let us know what you like and what you don’t like.

    AfternicDLS Member Sells for $275K

    Until the age of 40 Christine Herget lived a fairly normal life. She was a successful mortgage loan officer, had plenty of friends and suitors and, most importantly, she had her health. Just a few short months after her 40th birthday, Christine took a fateful trip to Mexico. And life as she knew it changed forever.

    During her trip, Christine became violently ill. She came back to the U.S. to discover she had contracted a rare virus. It became so serious that she was virtually paralyzed (and thus out of work) for several months. Christine was a fighter and worked her way back to almost normal health. But just as she started feeling like her old self, she was once again struck with illness. This time, it was with MRSA, a Staph infection commonly referred to as “Mursa” or the “SuperBug”.

    While many would simply focus on their incredible misfortune, Christine took this opportunity to come up with a way to create her fortune. An entrepreneur since childhood, Christine had been collecting domains over the years. Some domains she had already thought of business plans for; others just seemed like sound investments. While she lay recovering from illness number two, she knew it was time to do something with these names.

    Christine decided to start with a name that she felt was one of the most valuable of her possessions: When she reached out for some help on how best to sell the domain, she was hit with resistance almost everywhere she turned. “People just didn’t take me seriously. “ Christine recalls. “I posted the name in a few places but Afternic was the first company that I really felt was there to help. I had my own sales representative who was committed to me – but at the same time didn’t make any promises. His goal was to work with me on creative ways to sell this domain and make me a customer long-term. And this was before he even knew I owned more domains!”

    Ultimately, sold on Afternic for $275,000. Christine was able to get herself completely out of her healthcare debt AND have some savings left over.

    “I have so much faith in Afternic. They took the bull by the horns and sold my domain. The people were helpful and responsive and actually cared about my situation.”

    Christine continues to list her domains on Afternic. She currently has 2 from her portfolio listed there for sale: and

    Best Practices: Selling Domain Names on AfternicDLS

    The most common question we receive is, “what can I do to increase my chances of selling my domain names?”. Once your name is listed with AfternicDLS, there are many things that you can do to provide yourself with the greatest opportunity to sell your domain names at the best price point. Through speaking with our sales team, analyzing data from the tens of thousands of domains that we’ve sold, and applying some good old common sense; I’ve outlined three best practices that we’ve seen that will assist you in selling your names.

    1. Share the Appraisal with Potential Buyer. We’ve talked about this previously and it is worth noting again. Many seller’s receive appraisals for their domain names. When Appraisal is displayed with the domain on AfternicDLS, seller’s have been 10X more likely to sell their domain names than those without an appraisal. Why? Names that have an appraisal are more likely to be listed at a fair market price and the buyer feels better that they are receiving a fair deal for the domain name because the price has been validated by a 3rd party.

    2. Categorize your Domain Name. When placing a name on AfternicDLS, you have the option to categorize the domain. Only about one-third of our customers take the time to categorize their names – if they only realized what they were missing out on! Names that are categorized are 2.8X more likely to sell than those that aren’t categorized. The reason is simple, buyers look for names by both searching and browsing. When searching, the potential buyer will be able to find the listed name for both categorized and uncategorized if they select the specific keyword terms in the domain. When browsing, the story is completely different. If the name is not categorized, the buyer will not be able to find the domain that has been listed thereby not giving their name the greatest opportunity to be found.

    3. Expanded versus Basic Promotion. AfternicDLS provides you with an option of using Basic Promo or Expanded Promo to market your names. What is the difference? Basic Promo enables you to list and sell names on Basic Promo is an effective and easy method to sell names and there is a 10% sales fee associated with the service.

    Expanded Promo provides you to list and sell names on, but provides much more. All names listed with expanded promotion receive:

    1. Increased distribution which enables your name to reach more than 2X more potential buyers;

    2. Promotion by 17 world class domain sales executives who are speaking to hundreds of potential buyers on a daily basis; and

    3. Advertising through our marketing initiatives. We have seen a tremendous increase in sales velocity when names are listed on Expanded Promotion.

    We will continue to share with you other best practices that we’ve seen to increase your sales velocity and provide you with the greatest opportunity to sell at the highest price point. Do you have additional suggestions /methods that you’ve used to sell your names? If so, we would love to hear them!