Reminder about Weekend Auctions

Just a reminder about the many auctions that are closing this weekend.

All  Closing Times are Eastern Standard Time.

Domain Name Closing Day
Closing Time
Min. Offer Sat March 1 12:04 PM $210 Sat March 1 1:35 PM $1,050 Sat March 1 4:00 PM $220 Sat March 1 4:00 PM $65 Sat March 1 5:26 PM $105 Sat March 1 5:41 PM $130 Sat March 1 5:45 PM $945 Sat March 1 10:02 PM $240 Sat March 1 10:12 PM $105 Sun March 2 8:36 AM $135 Sun March 2 8:40 AM $160 Sun March 2 10:28 AM $85 Sun March 2 6:20 PM $420

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Watch this Video to Sell More Domains

Well, that headline is a little sensationalistic! But that’s exactly what we have for you.

We recently hosted a well-received webinar about the best ways to sell domains on AfternicDLS. It was delivered by Jason Miner, who runs sales for us and who has probably sold more domains than anyone in the world, and David Hauser, who runs customer management for us and who many will recognize from DiscussNames and other forums. Both are experts in the art of selling domains.

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed here

In the webinar, they present a number of best practices to help you sell more domains. There’s also a really good Q & A session at the end.

We encourage you to watch and listen, and to send us any questions or comments you may have.

You can also find more best practices and tips here. for $110

Yes, that is correct. is in Closing Soon with a minimum offer of $110 right now. The reserve has been met on this GREAT domain name and it WILL close and sell this Saturday.

In fact, there is an impressive collection of Closing Soon domains whose auctions end this Saturday. Don’t miss them because it’s a weekend.

Here are four more premium domains closing on Saturday with extremely attractive minimum offers:

Plus an –

In total there are 8 domains closing throughout the day this Saturday. And there are also three’s closing on Sunday.

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Don’t forget, you can stay on top of Closing Soon by adding it to your news reader. Click the orange RSS button on the Afternic home page next to the Closing Soon section or add the URL below to your reader:

BuyDomains Leap Year Celebration

BuyDomains has recently acquired many new private portfolios consisting of tens of thousands of domain names. We’d like to celebrate the 29 days of February and an introduction to these new private portfolios with special incentives on these new domain names.

Call today to find out more:

1-866-277-3420 (Toll Free in the U.S.)
1-781-839-7997 (Worldwide)

AfternicDLS Featured on CNN is featured prominently in this video report on CNN Money via Fortune magazine about the domain name industry, specifically about selling domain names to businesses:

Shameless plug : this is just one more reason why you should select Expanded Promotion on your AfternicDLS listed domains for sale. All Expanded Promotion domains are listed on, which is NameMedia’s domain marketplace targeted to end-users. And by listing them on via Expanded Promotion, our industry-leading sales team will be selling for you.

More information can be found here or call us at (866) 284-4125 or (781) 839-7999

Back from TRAFFIC – .mobi's

A few of us here at NameMedia are back from TRAFFIC. And while there was much to digest, I wanted to highlight one presentation in particular that I saw yesterday.

Pinky Brand, director of new markets for .mobi, presented an update on the extension’s progress. The presentation resonated because of the healthy .mobi activity on Afternic and the ongoing discussions about .mobi’s future across the community. It should be noted that .mobi’s were one of the highlights of the live auction as reported by DomainNameWire

The upshot is that .mobi is making tangible progress with major advertisers. Here are just a sample of the major brands using .mobi that Brand showcased:

  • Smirnoff
  • ESPN
  • Zagat
  • Nokia
  • and, which can turn your mobile device into a boarding pass by displaying a barcode on its screen.

Brand also touted the SEO benefits of a .mobi site versus using longer URLs.

See all the .mobi’s on sale by Afternic members

Expanded Promotion Delivers

Over the years, AfternicDLS member Cognigens has successfully sold several domains through Afternic. When he began acquiring domains ten years ago, it was mainly as a hobby. Then he started acquiring family names and domains related to his business interests. He eventually shifted his domain buying and monetization strategies to focus on generic names, both in English and Malay.

Back in 1998, he registered Over the years, he used it for a number of business ventures. But he decided that he wasn’t making full use of the name, and that selling the name was better way to monetize it than operating it himself – a classic buy, sell, hold decision. In order to distribute the name to as many end-users as possible, he listed for sale using the Expanded Promotion option on AfternicDLS.

Success! An offer was generated on network affiliate, which ultimately resulted in a five-figure sale.

The sale proceeded quickly and smoothly. “I’m quite used to the Afternic system, so it was easy to transfer the domain,” Cognigens noted. He believes that AfternicDLS’ affiliate network offers him an advantage over other domain sales services because it allows him to “reach a bigger audience…and this has resulted in more inquiries” for his listed domains.

He is excited about the continued growth of the AfternicDLS network and believes that it will further expand his potential for future sales.

For 2008 and beyond, he anticipates that top-level domains (TLD) like .mobi and .asia as well as ccTLDs like .ws, .in, .cn and .my will see increased demand as the global Internet user base grows.

Among the domains in his collection are, (his shortest name so far), and, as well several dotcoms including (with a matching toll-free phone number 8**-TELCO-US).

Click here to see all of Cognigens’ Afternic Listings

The Story of John Bomhardt

I’d like to share with you a story about John Bomhardt.  John owns, and has listed it on Afternic for sale.  His story – and his reason for selling this high-value name – is unique and moving.  Everyday we all buy, sell, and hold domains, stocks, collectibles, houses, or any of our other possessions.  But his story reminds us of the big picture and why we do it in the first place.

 We encourage you to visit John’s blog: 

And if you are interested to seeing the listing, please see it at: 

We wish John and his family the best.

“Sell Your Domains to NameMedia” Follow Up

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who responded to our end of year invitation to submit domains which domain owners were interested in selling to NameMedia.

Your response was overwhelming and certainly exceeded expectations as in December and January more than 400,000 names were submitted for consideration.

I am delighted to report that as a result of this initiative, NameMedia has completed the acquisition of more than 24,000 names from our Afternic Membership. This is a testament to the caliber of your names and the flourishing industry we are all enjoying.

Thank you to all who participated. Creating “win-win” scenarios for our members is a gratifying end result for both domain sellers and NameMedia.

And remember – NameMedia is always interested in acquiring quality domains.

Feel free to email me directly with a list of any names you might consider selling to NameMedia.

My email is

Thanks Again!
Pete Lamson