Finding Premium Domains on Afternic Auctions is Now Easier

We made a change to Afternic Auctions, our expiring domain auction service, that will make it easier for you to find exclusive premium domains.

You can now see how many PreOrders have been submitted on a domain before its live auction starts. This allows you to easily find the hottest domains.

Or you can spot the domains with the least competition by finding domains without any or with few PreOrders.

Remember – some members may be watching domains, but may not have preordered yet. This will not be visible to you. Use the Afternic watchlist found in MyAfternic (“Watch Existing Listings”). But don’t let a domain disappear – expiring domains only go to auction if at least one member has preordered.

1. Go to
2. Scroll down our home page, until you see the button “Search Afternic Auctions”. Clicking it brings you to a search page dedicated to our exclusive Afternic Auction inventory.
3. Enter any specific search critera you would like – or enter none at all. Then click the “Search Afternic Auctions” button. Simply searching without adding criteria will show all of the Afternic Auction inventory .
4. Click “# of Bids” to sort by the number of bids. Note, the results show domains that are both in live auction and available for PreOrder.

You will get search results like this

We hope you find this helpful! Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

P.S. :Here’s a refresher about how Afternic Auctions work:

Expiring domains are made available on Afternic 35 days prior to the start of their auction. During that time, they remain in a 35 day PreOrder period. During this period, Buyer and AfternicDLS members can place a PreOrder on a domain. Only domains with at least one preorder go to auction. Your PreOrder acts like your opening bid in the auction, employing Afternic’s proxy bidding system. Enter a maximum bid, and Afternic will bid up for you only as necessary. For example, if you submit a maximum bid of $100, and the most anyone else bids is $75, you will win the domain for $80.

Once an expiring domain is in a live auction, Afternic Auctions works just like Closing Soon auctions have always worked. It employs the same proxy bidding and escrow systems that Afternic members have relied upon for years. You will be able to view who is bidding against you once your preordered domain go into a live auction. The only difference is that these auctions will run for 5 days, instead of the 7 day auctions of member listings. Now Available for Purchase – Exclusively on AfternicDLS is now available for purchase – exclusively on AfternicDLS.

March Madness continues! You’ve heard of the Elite 8? Well, we’re offering the Super 7! – a multipurpose and wonderfully memorable domain name is now available on AfternicDLS for $900,000. joins the following list of domains – all offered at reduced prices through March 31.

Learn more from Jason Miner at 781 839 2841 or jminer (at)

All serious offers will be considered.
Best Regards and Happy Spring!
Pete Lamson

March Madness Continues – and & now available on Afternic & BuyDomains!

March Madness continues with 2 more great domain specials – all March Madness Specials will end at midnight on March 31st. – a leading athlete enthusiast targeted domain name is available for a reduced price of $200,000.
– the most compelling domain name for the lucrative online education market is available for $750,000.

The specials join our previously announced March Madness promotion of,, and

All serious offers will be considered.

Learn more from Jason Miner at 781 839 2841 or jminer (at)

Best Regards and Happy Spring!

Pete Lamson

March Madness Update – and Available

CLAIM.COM is now available on Afternic & BuyDomains. TUNE.COM is now available at a new price and with a reserve price.

The basketball tournament may not kick off until later this week, but March Madness is in full swing at AfternicDLS and BuyDomains.

Last week we drove the lane by offering DECIDE.COM and BLOOM.COM. This week we take it to the hoop with CLAIM.COM and TUNE.COM.

1. CLAIM.COM. Perfect for any insurance related website, is available for $420,000

2. TUNE.COM. Music downloads, MP3 players, or Music Reviews and Content – this domain names covers it all. TUNE.COM is available for $500,000.

The prices listed above – as well as for $500,000 and for $750,000 – are valid only until March 31st, 2008.

Be sure to check back here regularly, as more terrific names will be added every few days between now and the end of March.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Jason Miner at 781 839 2841, or jminer (at)

All the best,
Pete Lamson sells for $10mm – Do you have similar names?

Every once in a while, a name sells for a whopping amount. And it’s very exciting and rewarding for all of us in the community. For example, just sold for $10mm as reported in DomainNameNews

How can you use this to your benefit? Is there a similar nugget in your portfolio? Or should you add a nugget?

How does it affect the value of names whose values are a little more down to earth, but represent either niches or good alternatives to the blockbuster?

If is worth $10mm, what is worth ? It could refer to children, new mutual funds, or baby boomers. And you’ll find advertisers on a Google search. Afternic member Dndisplay is asking $3,000 and has placed a reserve price on the domain. $10,000,000 vs $3,000.

This is just one example. There are over 4,600 domains for sale on Afternic that include the word “fund”.

Bottom line : keep watching recent sales, both on Afternic, on DNJournal, and elsewhere to spot buying and selling opportunities.

What do you do when you see a blockbuster sale?

March Madness has Arrived

Throughout March, Afternic & BuyDomains customers will have the opportunity to participate in a unique promotion, featuring one-word domain names never before offered.

For the month of March only, premium one word names will be offered at prices that will not be available as of April 1.

March Madness Specials launching today are:

1. DECIDE.COM. Own the single best Election Coverage or Comparison Shopping domain name in the world. Available exclusively through AfternicDLS and BuyDomains for $500,000
2. BLOOM.COM. Spring into action with Uses for this name include flowers, plants or any “blooming” online business. Available exclusively through AfternicDLS and BuyDomains for $750,000

Be sure to check back here regularly, as more names will be added every few days until March 31st.

Interested buyers may contact Jason Miner at:

jminer (at) or 781 839 2841

Viva March Madness!

Pete Lamson
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