100 Four Letter Domains for $60

You know four letter domains have substantial value and demand.  You know the best letter combinations are becoming increasingly hard to come by.  You know the resale value is expected to continue to climb.  But, do you know where to find them for reasonably low prices?

If your search for four letter domains hasn’t brought you to Afternic Auctions yet, now is the time to take a look.  There are currently over 100 four letter expiring domains available to preorder for $60! 

Here is a sample of four letter domains available at Afternic Auctions






Click here to view full list or

  1. Go to the Afternic Auctions search page
  2. Insert a min and max character length of 4
  3. Leave the keyword box empty and “All categories” selected
  4. Click “Search Afternic Auctions”  


If you are new to buying four letter domains here are some tips:

  • Use an online dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations such as Acronym Finder or TheFreeDictionary to gauge popularity and potential demand.   
  • Look for letter combinations with vowels that are words or names.  Even if the combination is not a real word, those that can be pronounced like a word are likely to have solid value.  Examples: “LEEA” and “BOAM”
  • Look for domains that end in letters commonly used in acronyms and abbreviations such as “A” for association, “G” for group, “O” for organization and “C” for club.
  • Use a letter frequency chart  to learn which letters are most and least commonly used.

Best Practice: Drive Your Selling Price Higher by Starting an Auction

We’ve posted before about why you should always set a Reserve Price on your listed domains, and the benefits of doing so. But this post is about another Afternic trick-of-the-trade.

First, to briefly review, an offer that meets your Reserve Price guarantees that you will sell your domain for at least the amount of that offer. Then, an auction starts for your domain, and it sells to the highest bidder. Don’t confuse it with the Minimum Offer, which is the minimum amount you are willing to let other members submit to you.

But there’s another way to take advantage of Afternic’s auction format even if you did not set a reserve price:

You can start an auction even after receiving a bid. Do this if the bid is acceptable, but you’d like to field more offers. Your auction will be publicized via Closing Soon (it’s on the Afternic home page, on this blog, distributed via RSS, etc.). The bid you received is still binding both to you and buyer for 7 days from the time it was submitted. And in the meantime, any higher bids are gravy on top of the bid you’ve already received.

Here’s how to do it: when you get an email informing you of the bid, click “Accept this offer or place a counteroffer here” Then under Seller’s Actions, click “Increase Exposure and Sell Your Name”. (see the red arrow in the image below)


A dialog box will appear, asking you to confirm. Click “OK”. Your domain is now in auction!

Dialog box will ask you to confirm that you want to start an auction/

One tip: always respond to offers quickly! It is an especially good idea in this case. The auction lasts only until the bid that kicked off the auction expires. For example, if a member submits an offer to you on Monday, and you don’t start your auction until Friday, the auction will only run for three days. Take full advantage by running your auction for as long as possible.

If you are buying a domain, you can end the auction by offering a seller’s asking price. If the seller does not have an asking price (“Buy It Now” price), send the member a private message asking them what they would accept to end the auction. This is another reason why starting an auction is a good idea for sellers.

10 Domains Almost in Auction

We see great domains get auctioned in Closing Soon all the time. But what member listed domains are sitting in the on-deck circle? There are over 34,000 member listed domains currently on Afternic where the “Next Offer Will Meet Reserve”. That means that a submitted offer will kick off a 7 day auction, unless the buyer chooses to “Buy It Now”.

Here are 10 domains whose next offer will meet or exceed their reserve prices and will send them into auctions:

Domain Minimum Offer Member Buy It Now Price?
JobBlogger.com $75 Philwillson No
dwxf.com $149 Dbatt No
ohlb.com $149 Dbatt No
TutorialCorner.com $250 AI11 $251
DomainToolShop.com $500 Wirescan $600
AQCQ.com $300 Quickdecal $350
PCdegree.com $1,500 Jenny70 $5,000
InstantSend.com $1,500 Wd $3,000
TravelScheduler.com $5,000 Boisemetro No