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There are a number of tools on Afternic to help you find great expiring domains. You can download the entire inventory for offline review. Or you can download just the names in Closing Soon or all new inventory. All are updated daily. You can RSS these links, so that the most up-to-date link is in your RSS reader every day. Alerts and saved searches will notify you when a new name comes into our inventory that matches your criteria.

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Happy Buying! For Sale Exclusively on AfternicDLS

This past Sunday, LeBron James could not get past Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics in the playoffs. But can he get past Michael Jordan? It’s a jump ball, because is available for purchase exclusively on Afternic. Who’s going to grab it?

LeBron James Slams in #23

The Ultimate 23

While LeBron famously sports 23 as one the top basketball players in the world today, Jordan of course revolutionized basketball and sports marketing during his heyday as the most famous 23 of all.

Soccer player and fellow pitchman extraordinaire David Beckham could be in on the action. He’s worn #23 for both Real Madrid and for the L.A. Galaxy.

David Beckham Shows Off His #23 Jersey

These are the three most famous “23”s, but there have been many sports stars who wore 23. Ryne Sandberg, the great second baseman, patrolled Wrigley Field in 23. Don Mattingly became “Mr. Yankee” in the 1980’s with number 23.

The number has historical significance before the 1980’s – way before. Psalm 23 is considered to be the most widely read psalm. You can even geek out to 23 – according to Wikipedia : “23 is the TCP/IP port used for telnet and is the default for the telnet command.”

According to NameBio and DNJournal, there have already been two high profile number domain sales this year. and both sold for more than $300,000. This will be the third.

Call Jason Miner today to discuss this rare opportunity. Call him at 781-839-2841 or email him at jminer (a)

Other high value names exclusively available on Afternic right now:

V9.com – (Spanish for ghost) –

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Two Upcoming Afternic Improvements

Marketplaces such as Afternic and eBay serve their members by making purchases and sales easy and reliable. Successful, easy transactions depend on a trustworthy environment. Accordingly, we are always looking to find ways to improve Afternic’s listings and memberships to best serve the community.

Our roadmap includes many exciting changes, but we wanted to call out two in particular.

The first is a listing verification program, which we’re in the process of building and will be very excited to roll out. It will check the listing member’s information versus the WHOIS record, both at time of listing and continually as the domain is listed.

The second is a member-feedback system, similar to the eBay, where members can learn about fellow members and contribute to could leave feedback. Its development is scheduled for after the listing verification service. We believe this is the right order, but we’d love to know if you agree.

There is an incredible vitality to the Afternic marketplace. Both of these two initiatives should only make it more so. Let us know what you think!