NameMedia is Aggressively Buying Quality Domain Names

NameMedia continues to buy portfolios from domain owners.

Last December we asked to review many of your portfolios.  This resulted in thousands of names being acquired and money in your pocket!

If you would like to sell one good name or a large portfolio, contact me directly.

Send your names and price range to me at and mention this post!  Or call me directly at 781-839-2852

I look forward to working with you…

Here’s to a great summer!

Ted Olson
Manager, Domain Acquisitions

Update on Afternic Auctions

A few weeks ago Afternic began adding Tucows expiring domain name inventory to our daily expiry auctions.  During the first few days of the integration we experienced technical issues and several domains with preorders were inadvertently removed from the site during the daily update process.  Fortunately, the domain errors were extremely limited and have been tested and corrected.  We appreciate and thank our members for their understanding.

Maximize Exposure Through Domain Parking!

As a domain seller, you are no doubt always looking for opportunities to bring more interested buyers to you.  Are you utilizing all the tools made available to you on AfternicDLS?


As an AfternicDLS member, you have the option to park your domains with ActiveAudience.  How does this relate to the sale of your domain?  Many buyers interested in a domain will visit it first.  By parking with ActiveAudience, you have several options available for capturing the potential buyer’s interest.


For example, a custom “For Sale” link can be provided that will link to your listing on Afternic.  If you are taking advantage of our Expanded Promotion option on your domain, we can also post your BuyDomains Sales Representatives direct number.  This way your representative can put their proven selling expertise to use on your name immediately.


If you aren’t already a member of ActiveAudience, sign up today! If you are already a member but would like to know how to get more out of your ActiveAudience account, please contact Available for the First Time Ever – Exclusively on AfternicDLS

We are pleased to announce the arrival of an extraordinary premium domain name available only on AfternicDLS : is both a common technology term AND a one-word domain.

Here are some recent sales of premium technology domain names, from DNJournal :, $1,659,000, $750,000, $550,000, $400,000, $450,000

This is the FIRST time this domain has been available for sale. Call Jason Miner today to discuss this rare opportunity. Call him at 781-839-2841 or email him at jminer (a)

Other exclusive, high-value names on AfternicDLS available right now: (Spanish for ghost)

GREEN domains 17% off between now and June 30th on!

As you may know, NameMedia is a Boston based company.


To commemorate Boston’s Championship Basketball Team – and their 17th title – all names with the term  GREEN” in them will be a fitting 17% off between now and June 30th*.


Search for the perfect name on or call:


US Toll Free:  866-277-3420

Worldwide:   781-839 -7997


Let’s go GREEN!


All the Best,


Pete Lamson


* Purchased Domain name must be owned by NameMedia to qualify for this promotion

Great Expiring Domains Available for Preorder

The addition of Tucows as an exclusive expiry auction partner brings an enhanced selection of domains to Afternic Auctions.  Here is a handful of our “Top Picks” that might pique your interest.


Domain                                               Auction Begins                                             20-June                                     20-June                                       20-June                               20-June                                20-June                       20-June                                  21-June                                21-June                           21-June                                  21-June                                   21-June                              21-June                              21-June                                    22-June                              22-June                                  22-June                             22-June                                22-June                                               24-June                                    24-June                             29-June

 Remember, bidding on expired domains at Afternic Auctions starts at $60 USD and auctions will not begin unless at least one preorder is placed on the domain.

Afternic Auctions Weekly Top Picks Email

With all the new expiring domains coming to Afternic Auctions we want to keep you up to date on some of the best names available for preorder.  As a result we are now providing a weekly email list with some of our top picks.

Here’s How to Sign Up:

Send an email to dsystrom @ with the subject line “Add me to your weekly list of Auction Top Picks.” 

Yes! Tucows Did Select Afternic as its Exclusive Expiry Auction Partner

Big news ! Tucows has selected as their exclusive expiry auction partner. Beginning today, an estimated 100,000 expired premium domains from Tucows are available on Afternc Auctions. Expanded inventory means more selection for members. Here’s just a few of the newly added auction names:

Some of the names available right now can go to auction as early as Friday June 20, including:

Tucows joins an expanding list of registrars selecting Afternic as their exclusive auction platfom for expiry domains. “We are thrilled to add Tucows’ expiry domains to our inventory. The volume and quality of Tucows’ names is a significant step in the continued growth of AfternicDLS. “, said NameMedia’s Marketplace senior vice president and general manager Pete Lamson.

“It’s a real win-win for everyone involved. Listing our expired domains for auction at Afternic provides the best possible audience, allowing us to take advantage of NameMedia’s established customer base and their proven domain sales experience and customer service. We’re quite confident that teaming with NameMedia is the best way to further monetize our expired domains” says Bill Sweetman, General Manager, Tucows Domain Portfolio.

Read the press release

Search Afternic Auctions now and submit your preorders for these exclusive domains!

Pricing Your Names Increases Likelihood of Sale

We’ve posted before about the importance of pricing your listed names and responding quickly to offers on your unpriced domains. Proactively pricing your domains increases the likelihood they will sell.

Here’s one more reason why:

Investors constantly ask our sales team for lists of our best names. For example, sales might be asked for a list of our best Geo domains or our best domains that include a certain keyword or are about a theme or category (e.g. : “send me a list of your best real estate names”)

We want to include as many Expanded Promotion names as possible! Pricing your names helps us do just that. Why? Consider that we may send a list of over 1,000 domains. Expanded Promotion domains will be included. But in order to negotiate a price with the buyer, we need to know your Asking Price and Floor Price. This sets the parameters with which our sales team can include your domains in our larger sales.

Again, we’ll include the best names in the lists we show to buyers, regardless of whether they’re priced or not. But pricing increases the likelihood that it will ultimately be a part of the final sale. Consider a list which includes 500 Expanded Promotion domains. For each of the unpriced domains, we need to contact the seller and wait for pricing. Deals often move faster than we can wait for everyone’s pricing.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the task of pricing ALL of your names at once. Tackle it in manageable chunks. Start with your best listed names. Call your sales executive if you need help.

But get started in order to take advantage of this unique opportunity that only AfternicDLS Expanded Promotion can create for you.

Contact Jason Miner, VP of Sales, for more information about the advantages of listing your domains as Expanded Promotion on AfternicDLS. 781-839-2841 or jminer (a)

Definitions of the AfternicDLS pricing options can be found on our Add Listing Page by clicking “What is This?” underneath each option

Over 200,000 Domains Added to Afternic

The inventory at Afternic is constantly changing.  Thousands of new expiring domains are listed in the Afternic Auctions section and there are always new portfolios being added by our members.  Just in the past week several substantial portfolios were added that should keep you busy looking for the best deals.

You may be thinking, that’s great, but are they good quality names?  See for yourself.  I’m sure you will agree the latest additions to Afternic include some great two, three, and four letter domains along with a plethora of generic and brandable terms.

Here is just a small sample of what’s new to Afternic: