New Webinar: Analytics for Your Small Business Website!

How to Leverage Google Analytics to Support Your Small Business Goals! Find Out During This 30 Minute Webinar!

Google Analytics is a FREE tool that your small business should use to make informed decisions about paid advertising, SEO, PPC and internet marketing campaigns. Google Analytics provides critical data that can help you gain a better understanding of where much of your website traffic is coming from. Also, how well the website content and user experience is serving your visitors, and most importantly, how well the website supports your business goals!

In this webinar session we’ll demonstrate how to evaluate and respond to Google Analytics data in a way that supports your immediate and long-term business goals.

In this this 30 minute presentation you will learn:

– Why the Right Domain Name is Critical for Your Small Business Website
– How to Read Reports, Compare to Regular Stats and use the Data
– Overview of Organic and Paid Search
– Q&A Session

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