The Multi-Million Domain Auction That No One Knew About

Written by Direct Navigation

There has been much happening in the domain business this year. Unfortunately, many of the larger deals go unreported.

It’s not the auction that this post is about. Earlier this year I was involved in the bankruptcy auction. While this was both exciting and frustrating, ANOTHER major auction was going on. It seems that a large company decided to divest its domain portfolio and wanted to do it rather quickly. I found this out about it purely by accident.


AfternicDLS Sales: $551,000 & 396 Domains Sold

AfternicDLS domain sales for the week of December 7, 2009 through December 14, 2009.

Total Domain Sales: $551,031
— Domain Sales (.com): $426,833
— Domain Sales (alternate TLDs): $124,180

In addition, AfternicDLS had $100,000 in private sales.

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Dec 7 com sales
Dec 7 alt tld sales