Back From DomainFest With Lots of Good Stories

I’m sorry for going dark the last few days. Since there were a number of blogs covering the basics, i.e. the seminars, the auction, etc., I thought I’d wait and recap some of the events and tell some of the interesting stories I heard the past few days.

First, Domainfest was everything I thought it would be and more. Oversee had a first class event and deserves to get recognized for a Tradeshow that represents the needs of the Domaining community. The seminars were targeted to the needs of the domainer. There were seminars on getting domains, SEO and SEM, and new monetization methods among others. The selection of speakers were first rate (not just because I was one). My favorite of the seminars was on SEO and SEM. You can’t do better than having both Danny Sullivan and Bruce Clay on the same panel. Their insight was extremely helpful to me. I plan to go to more of the SEO Tradeshows that they participate in.

The selection of Tony Hsieh was perfect. He told of his starting LinkExchange and selling it to Microsoft for $265,000,000. He detailed the process of building into one of onlines largest shoe retailers and his philosophy on making employees part of a family unit.

If I had to highlight just one reason to go to the next Domainfest, it would be the networking. Yes other domain shows like Traffic offer excellent networking, however this show with approximately 1000 attendees trumped the recent Traffic shows where attendance has dropped substantially.

The rumor is that there will be another Domainfest this year in Europe, sometime in September or October.

Tomorrow I will write one of the most amusing stories I heard at Domainfest. I don’t think you’ll hear this story anywhere prior to my posting it on

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Changes to Registration of .CO Domain Names Coming Soon

As of 7 February there are changes to the manager of the .CO
(Colombia) registry and to the registration policies.

The new company managing the .CO registry will be Internet SAS and to
coincide with them taking over the registry management the following
changes to registration policies are being implemented, the most
important of these being:

NameMedia Launches New Platform for Domain Owners

Thousands of Content Sources and Millions of Products Now Available to Website Publishers

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NameMedia today announced the launch of new, user-friendly content site development options for domain name developers through its online publishing platform at

“Today’s launch means SmartName customers have a proven, compelling method of fully developing their domain names into content-rich sites that provide a compelling experience for consumers—and can do so easily for one domain or hundreds of thousands of domains”

“Today’s launch means SmartName customers have a proven, compelling method of fully developing their domain names into content-rich sites that provide a compelling experience for consumers—and can do so easily for one domain or hundreds of thousands of domains,” said Kelly Conlin, NameMedia Chairman and CEO.

With today’s release, SmartName publishers now have access to:

  • Simple site deployment with no setup fees, regardless of number of domains
  • More than 20,000 sources of content that include millions of articles
  • More than 150,000 keyword-related topics
  • More than 100 content-rich themes, such as Baseball, Travel, Politics, Fishing, Careers, Green Living, Photography, Snowboarding, Soccer and Technology
  • More than 2 million products and reviews pre-built into each site’s “Store” tab
  • Streamlined integration with NameMedia’s and sites for marketing domain names

In addition, domain name owners can easily add their own original content to their sites from any existing publishing platform, simply by adding their RSS link to their SmartName sites.

“Domain name owners now have a single platform to turn their sites into user-friendly eCommerce stores, content-rich sites, or keep them as parked pages,” said Kirsten Frederick, product manager for the SmartName platform. “And for the first time, domain publishers have all the reporting and statistics they demand in one dashboard, regardless of what type of site they’ve published. That makes it easy to optimize a portfolio of names across the full variety of publishing options.”

Today’s release comes after more than a year of research and development, Frederick said, adding that the sites generate revenue through a variety of advertising units, all reported daily at the domain level. “What’s available now to our SmartName publishers are the same tools that we’ve successfully tested and use on more than 100,000 of our own websites, such as, and,” she said. is the domain industry’s premier publishing platform, offering domain portfolio owners a vast array of tools and reports to maximize the usability and performance of their sites. Learn more at

About NameMedia

NameMedia is a leader in the acquisition; development and trading of digital real estate through a network of highly targeted websites and a marketplace for premium domain names. The company’s website development focuses on creating compelling online communities in niche categories. The company’s marketplace allows owners of premium domain names to list their domain properties for sale, and for domain buyers to review the largest available inventory of domain names. Through its ownership of one of the largest domain portfolios in the world, its innovative website development platform, and its broad distribution, NameMedia now serves more than 50 million visitors to its network of websites and sells domains to customers in more than 100 countries.

Headquartered outside Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts, more information is available at


Kirsten Frederick, 781-839-2882
Ted Olson, 781-839-2852