Domain Sales By Category YTD Through July

As a regular newsletter feature we are again sharing 2011 category-based sales information from Afternic.

Computers were the single biggest category for domains sold at 12%, with business and recreation each accounting for ~11% of total Afternic domain sales.

In the Computer category the distribution of names sold remained unchanged: Internet-focused domains dominated, followed by software names.

Professional services comprised the vast majority of “business” category sales, with general business domains in second spot. The energy sub-category has shown increasing strength. Green energy is becoming more commercial and this is likely to create ongoing opportunities in this area.

Music and pop culture continue to dominate sales in the recreation category, with the “Books” sub-category showing a notable jump.  This may be related to the continued growth in e-reader and tablet sales, which facilitate e-book downloads.

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6 thoughts on “Domain Sales By Category YTD Through July

  1. This is really interesting, – thanks for the information. I couldn’t find the total number of domains represented by your pie chart but even without that information I’m wondering if the wine (0%),travel (5%) and other small slices of the pie are good niches for marketers to concentrate on – I am certainly surprised at the 5% for health – but if that represents 5 million related sites, than maybe not! (I expect I will find the number if I keep reading!)

  2. Very interesting set of stats and good news for me personally.
    I have been convinced for a while that the future for domaining lies
    In the provision of business related domains and as such
    I have invested in many of these.
    Interesting also that Travel is so low but presumably
    this is down to the economic climate.
    Many thanks

  3. Thanks for the insight. It’d be great to drill down in to those categories and see specific names and sales. For example what are “reference” domains and “regional” . No “photo” names sold on afternic ? strange

    • Adam — I don’t think that it’s to say that there were NO domains sold in those category, just a low enough number that it was rounded out to zero. We are actually looking at presenting some “deeper dives” as people seem to have found this type of information useful.

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