Life in the Cloud: A New Domain Niche?

Opportunities in the domain market emerge all the time, as witnessed by the surge of interest in “cloud-related” domains.

Citrix reportedly purchased for an estimated $250 million. is an open source cloud computing platform for building and managing private and public cloud-based infrastructure.

Of course Apple recently announced its “iCloud” platform, which according to speculation by CBS News and others may generate revenues of more than one billion dollars annually within a few years. And DomainNameWire recently authored a story noting the registration of several cloud-focused domains, posing the question: “Is a major tech company getting ready to launch a “Cloud Nine” brand?”

These “cloud-related” domain developments beg the question: how will the cloud-centric domain phenomenon play out? And what other sales in this genre will fetch significant prices?

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One thought on “Life in the Cloud: A New Domain Niche?

  1. Great article! I noticed how tough it us to find a decent cloud domain with good keyword value. Apple and sparked a cloud movement. It will be intereting to see what cloud domain sells next. Thanks.

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