Near Doubling of DLS Sales Welcome News for Domain Investors

Stellar Growth for Afternic DLS Sales!

We recently published a press release noting a 94% year-over-year growth in DLS-listed domain sales for the first half of 2011.

This at a time when other marketplaces are reporting growth of less than 3%.

Many of you have noted the significant network expansion underpinning this success: in the last six months alone the network has grown more than 20%.

And DLS’ exclusive stable of “Instant Domain Transfer” enabled partners now includes the world’s largest domain resellers, including: eNom, Register, Network Solutions, Moniker,, and BulkRegister. DLS is growing this roster and will be sharing exciting news in months to come.

No other domain marketplace can match these sales advantages.

What Does This Mean for You, As A Domain Owner?

In short, a higher probability of selling your names–and selling them for a higher price than you can achieve elsewhere.

Afternic’s integrated platform also simplifies portfolio management, enabling you to spend less time trying to sell names yourself, and more time identifying new opportunities.

What Is The Secret To This Success?

The key to selling domains is getting them in front of prospective buyers. DLS does that in two ways:

1) By reaching tens of millions of retail domain buyers each month and offering a broad-based “Instant Domain Transfer” network that makes premium domains attractive by overcoming traditional escrow delays and obstacles

2) By offering an integrated sales and parking platform with a “for sale” link prominently displayed (and connecting prospective buyers directly to an experienced sales force) we capture highly qualified direct sales leads

And Afternic even offers 5% Cash Back for those listing and parking through Afternic.

In short: DLS allows you to “fish where the fish are”.

If you are not listing through DLS, or are listing but not parking, we urge you to call us today to discuss your options: 1-866-351-9586 (Toll-Free) +1 781-839-7790 (WorldWide).

You have everything to gain.

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