Weekly AfternicDLS Sales November 21 – November 27

Weekly Domains Sales Breakdown and Sample

Domain sales for the week of 11/21 – 11/27

Chart-toppers for the week included:

looky.com $  37,000.00
babychangingstation.com $  17,750.00
bluetelecom.com $  11,000.00
twowayradio.com $  10,000.00

Total domain sales for the week, including confidential and sales under $1000 totaled   $1.546 million.

Sample of reportable sales:

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EuroDNS Partners with Afternic: Expands Domain Sales to Europe

As of today, domains sold through the Afternic DLS are available for purchase at EuroDNS, a domain name registrar that has traditionally specialized in International domain extensions. EuroDNS will be one of the first in Europe to offer the opportunity for domain buyers to easily search and buy a premium domain name.

Domain owners registered at EuroDNS will also be able to sell their domains through the Afternic DLS starting today. The Afternic-EuroDNS partnership will enable EuroDNS domain sellers following a simple registration process with Afternic to reach more than 50 million prospective buyers around the world each month.

Additionally, this integration enables EuroDNS to utilize Afternic’s Instant Transfer technology, which automates the premium domain purchasing process . Instant Transfer eliminates the lengthy administrative process required by legacy marketplaces, increasing returns for domain sellers.

You can read the whole press release here.

Learn more about selling domains on Afternic here.

Afternic Mobile App Growing in Popularity

Have you tried the free Afternic mobile app yet?  Join the many that have already downloaded it by going here or accessing the app store from your iPhone or iPad and searching for “Afternic”. Now you can search the Afternic inventory quickly – from anywhere.

Afternic is the only domain marketplace offering a mobile application to support search and bidding activities. Our app allows users to search millions of domains using intuitive search preferences. It is designed for both the iPhone and iPad and lets searchers refine selection criteria by TLD, length, keyword, and more. Users may also download lists of available domains based on custom searches. Try the Afternic app today!

Afternic Sales by Category YTD

As a regular newsletter feature we are sharing 2011 category-based sales information from Afternic. The graph reflects data from 1/1/11 – 11/14/11.

The Shopping category is in the lead with 12% of domains sold. Recreation rose to 11%, and Computers stayed stable at 11%.

Family Life, Health and Home domains are showing gains; each of the three accounted for 7% or more of domains sold by category.

Including ‘Google+ for Business’ in Your Naming Strategy

I Already Use Twitter and Facebook. Do I Really Need Google+ for Business?

The long and short answer to the above question is YES – and, the sooner the better.  Securing  custom domain names, facebook urls and twitter handles is standard practice for companies hoping to boost online marketing efforts. Google+ is a new, powerful tool to protect and promote your business.

Google+ as Part of a Holistic Social Media Strategy

Google+ for Business may seem like just another social media account demanding limited time and energy, but it’s a Google Social Media account, operative word = Google. Last winter Google confirmed that social media signals (mentions, tweets, links, etc.) influence organic search rankings. If you rely on organic search to drive traffic to your site, you should create your Google+ for Business now.

Google is still ironing out some kinks in the recently released product that is business-specific. Right now, for example, there is no way to grant administrative access to someone else and Google+ for Business accounts must be tied to the person who set up the account. Google says this will change in the near future.

How to Set Up a Google+ for Business Account

Setting up a simple profile is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to this page and click the “Create your Google+ Page” button. Then you select a category from the following:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

After creating your profile, you can upload images and post links immediately. To see an example, check out our Afternic Google + page here.

Weekly AfternicDLS Sales October 31 – November 6

Weekly Domains Sales Breakdown and Sample

Domain sales for the week of 10/31 – 11/6

Chart-toppers for the week included:

strapless.com $       16,000.00
starbright.com $       10,000.00
stonegate.net $         9,000.00
prochallenge.com $         8,343.00

Reportable sales over $1000 totaled $549k.

Total domain sales for the week, including confidential and sales under $1000, summed to $1.086 million.

Sample of reportable sales:

strapless.com $ 16,000.00
starbright.com $ 10,000.00
stonegate.net $ 9,000.00
prochallenge.com $ 8,343.00

Afternic is Now Exclusive Domain Broker for iREIT Domains

Afternic has been selected as the exclusive broker for over 1,000 premium domains owned by Internet REIT, Inc., a media company that owns and manages high-quality domain names.

Domains listed for sale by iREIT include many high-value names such as OfficeSupply.com, HouseFinancing.com, FlightDeals.com, and SecondMortgage.com.

iREIT selected AfternicDLS for many reasons, including Afternic’s extensive domain distribution network, which includes six of the top ten global registrars. Afternic partners display Afternic’s inventory directly on their site helping members sell domains faster, for higher prices. Many of these partners have also adopted Afternic’s Instant Transfer™ technology, allowing domain buyers the opportunity to purchase a premium domain name as easily as registering a new name on the partner’s site.

For inquiries on individual domains from the iREIT portfolio, or to see the full list, please contact Patrick Calvoni at 781-839-2856 or pcalvoni@afternic.com.

View the complete press release here.

Morgan Linton Takes A “Look Under the Hood”

Yesterday, Morgan Linton took a “deep dive under the hood of one of (his) favorite domain listing services on the planet.” Guess which listing service it is? Afternic, of course!

Morgan recorded a video detailing his favorite features of Afternic. This was not a sponsored video.  He says:  “I’m doing this because I’ve been using Afternic since 2007. I love the service and think more people should use it.”  Thanks, Morgan!

Some of the highlights of his video include Afternic’s:

  • Distribution Network: This is a huge differentiator as it makes domain sellers’ names available on “a ton” of different sites other than Afternic. Also, when you add names to the premium network, it offers the industry’s lowest commission on selling domains if you are also parking with Afternic.
  • Two Different Promotion Levels: DLS Premium and Afternic DLS. DLS Premium is a bigger network that can accommodate “the more common tlds.”
  • Intuitive Dashboard: When you first log in you can see how many domains you are selling and how many you’re parking. The “My Afternic” panel also allows you to view offer history, move registrars, group domains together, and more.
  • Domain Marketing Opportunities: Two level categorization helps make your domains more searchable.  Morgan also says that filling in the domain description field is one of the best ways to market your name. So many people (potential buyers) do look at these descriptions.
  • Instant Transfer: a feature (with built-in escrow service) that makes it really, really easy to transfer the domain name to the buyer without having to go through the standard transfer process.
  • Domain Parking Incentives: Having your names parked with Afternic is an important component because not only do you make money on parking, but you get 5% cash back.

Finally, Morgan mentions that the advantage of Afternic DLS is that we have an experienced, 24/7 sales team and “really, really high” average sales price. Go here to view the entire video.