The How-To on Domain Name Appraisals

Making the decision to sell your domain name may be easy, but how do you determine what the domain is worth? There are many research tools available to you and your business; the question is when should you rely on your own research skills, tapping into these research tools, and when to take advantage of an appraisal service. The best approach?

Do your preliminary research on sites like the following:

    • By creating a user profile, gain more information on the domain’s history.
    • Search for the prospective domain and see who owns it.
    • Determine what the prospective domain is worth.
    • Learn valuable statistics about the domain’s search results, popularity, traffic, and more.
    • A collection of multiple research sites conveniently brought together into one for your searching needs.
    • Learn about the domain industry and how to use that knowledge.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of data and information provided through these research tools, making it difficult to accurately price your domain. This is one reason why there is no substitute for a real appraisal from a reputable source. Most online resources, like the ones mentioned above, rely on algorithms and will miss certain aspects of the domain appraisal, making them great for that preliminary research, but in need of a second opinion.

Then Contact an Appraisal Service for more Information!

After becoming acquainted with the domain market and where your domain stands in the market, it may be worthwhile to contact an appraisal service, like Afternic. For a small fee, Afternic’s experienced team will produce an appraisal using its proprietary DNI Scoring and Appraisal System. Allowing you relax with the peace of mind that you know all there is to know about your domain before making any further decisions. After all, a little extra help from the industry experts never hurt.

Start your appraisal here.

Post-Penguin Update: 4 Ways to Adapt Your SEO Strategy

Did Google’s Penguin Update dramatically affect your search engine ranking? You’re not alone – many corporations and website are reporting significant movement in search rankings since the update. This is why it is important now to take the opportunity to evaluate and if necessary reconstruct your SEO Strategy. Especially if Google decides to release any more updates, you must be prepared. Since Google has made it clear that black hat approaches will only continue to be shut out, it makes sense to create unique content that will earn your company the search ranking that it deserves.

Here are four ways you can adapt your strategy post-penguin update:

  1. Create Distinctive Content: If your content is unique and of good quality, you’re playing by “Google’s Rules” and you have nothing to worry about moving forward.
  2. Use Backlinks Properly: With the Penguin Update, Google will only recognize the link if it’s relevant to your site, so there’s no point in absently wasting your time posting unnecessary links.
  3. Don’t Rely on Google to Determine Your Success: While winning the SEO challenge with Google is important, there are other search engines to consider, so there’s no need to be dependent on Google.
  4. Monitor Your SEO Effort: It’s important to make sure your hard work isn’t going to waste. In order to adjust properly to changes, learning what works and doesn’t work is imperative to improvement.

Use this Update to your advantage and consider it a fresh start. If you haven’t had luck with your current SEO Strategy, now is the time to re-evaluate it. Take the opportunity to increase SEO by understanding what the Penguin Update has to offer to those white hat individuals. And should another algorithm come along to change the dynamics of search results, you’ll be prepared.

If you’ve decided reconstructing your SEO Strategy now is what’s best for your business, than why not also consider updating your domain name. Since your domain name is just as important as the content you publish, choosing a fresh domain may be the new start you need to get your SEO back on the right track.

Afternic Sales By Category Year To Date

Afternic Sales by Category

Each month, we share an analysis of the most popular domain sales categories. The graphic represents data from all Afternic sales YTD through May 25th, 2012.

Domains in the Shopping and Computers categories have made up 13% and 12% of all Afternic sales respectively so far this year. The Business, Recreation, and Society categories also represented a large portion of sales at 11% of total domains sold each. Curious to see what individual domains are selling? Check out our weekly domain sales report post here.

Featured Domains: Super Premium Domains

Afternic is pleased to offer great deals on select category killer domains.These super-premium domains will instantly put you at the top of the search rankings and generate large volumes of site traffic.

Below is a sample of some of our category killer names. See a name that you like or want to inquire about another not shown here? Contact David Helgeson at 781-839-2863 or

NameMedia’s own Brian Kleiner wins Elliot’s Best Account Manager

Brian Kleiner
Earlier this month, Elliot Silver who run’s Elliot’s blog launched a contest to vote for the industry’s top account manager. Many were represented in the poll, including a handful of NameMedia employees.

According to Elliot, a great account manager is “…someone who helps you with account management tasks, keeps you up to date on special promotions, cuts through company red tape, and helps resolve account issues, all in a timely manner. There are quite a few excellent account managers in the domain industry”. However at the end of the day only one could be crowned top dog.

After a week of polling, on Friday May 25th Elliot announced that the winner was none other than Brian Kleiner of NameMedia. Here’s a quote from Brian’s manager:

“Brian eats, sleeps and breathes the domain business. It comes as no surprise to me that he has been recognized by his customers and colleagues for his outstanding efforts. Brian came to AfternicDLS with a tremendous background in web and lead-gen businesses, and he’s been able to leverage that experience to help his loyal customer base identify great domain opportunities. He has also been a great role model to his peers on the AfternicDLS sales team who have learned from his unique skill set and dedication to his customers.“

If you would like to contact Brian, he can be reached at 781-839-2858 or

The Afternic Summer Auction Has Started!


The Afternic Summer Kickoff Auction

Afternic has partnered with Moniker and SnapNames to bring you a top notch line up of premium domain names that are keyword rich and highly brandable. The listings include domains at all price points including Low and No Reserve!

This event features domains from Afternic’s highly regarded premium portfolio, including category-killer names such as and These premium domains allows domain buyers including small, medium and large corporate entities and individual investors visibility into some of the most sought after domains.

>Join Auction In-Progress!<

Auction Begins: Today, May 24, 2012
Auction Ends:
June 21, 2012 at 3:15 pm ET (12:15 pm PT)

Featured Domains:

Dive into the untapped canine market with

In 2011 the US Pet Industry was a $50.96 Billion dollar market*, with almost 50% of that dedicated to dogs. While there are some leading breeder organizations, none have a strong online presence leaving no clear online leader. has the potential to be the industry’s dominant website. is a keyword rich name that has huge search potential. With over 190 million monthly Google searches on related terms, will instantly command a large volume of search engine traffic. This makes the website instantly brandable, and means that you will see immediate ROI.

Having a multiple domain strategy is key for maximizing your search value and also for protecting your brand. Capture as much of the market as possible with multiple relevant domains. Use the following names to augment your effort:


For more information, please contact Pat Calvoni at 781.839.2856 or at