Penguin Update Follow-Up

It has been about two months since Google’s Penguin update and while some websites were hit hard by the update, dropping from the desirable first page search results, others didn’t notice much change. So what’s the overall verdict on the update?
Penguin Update
The good news for Afternic and our customers is that Google regards quality domain names highly in its search algorithm. So although the Penguin update has been wrecking havoc on the search traffic to many developed websites, the values of premium domains names have remained steady.

While a premium domain may be an investment, it is a worthwhile one for many reasons, especially if Google continues producing new updates to their algorithms. A premium domain is the foundation for building a solid brand online, and allows you to easily develop your website and use unique content which is what Google wants to see. Afternic offers millions of premium domain names that will not only ensure positive search results, but will also offer peace of mind should Google spring another update on the domaining world.

Another positive note is that the update has not affected domain parking, nor will any update touch parking. Almost all traffic to parked pages comes from direct type in traffic, and since direct type in traffic does not rely on search engines, it is immune to such updates. This only adds to the list of benefits of parking with Afternic. So if you are trying to sell a domain, you will want to continue to take advantage of a domain parking program.

As the initial shock of the update wears off and the dust settles, it is becoming apparent that there was little damage done to the domaining industry. Premium domains are still invaluable because of their instant brandability, search potential, and ability to resonate with visitors.

Travel Plans for the Domaining Industry

Here at Afternic, we believe it’s important to keep informed. By attending trade shows and taking advantage of networking opportunities, we keep our prospective fresh and our able to offer the best experience for our customers. In the coming months, we look forward to attending the following trade shows and gaining valuable new information about our industry.

HostingCon 2012
Where: Boston, Massachusetts
When: July 16-18

Showcasing the hosted services industry, over 2,000 professionals from over 30 countries will be brought together this July to learn about exciting new industry developments and discuss the latest news and ideas. Check out the HostingCon website for more information and to register.

DomainvermarkterForum (DVF 2012)
Where: Dusseldorf, Germany
When: September 6-7

This is Germany’s largest domainer event that attracts domain investors from all over the world. The highlight of this conference is the live auction of domains on the second day of the event. Find more information and register here on the DomainvermarkterForum website.

Where: Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida
When: October 7-10

TRAFFIC is one of the industry’s premier events and takes place on the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale where professionals come together to network and discuss domain investments. Pushing the value of a relevant and premium domain name, the TRAFFIC auction has been known for large investors! Learn more and register on the TRAFFIC website.

Where: Toronto, Canada
When: October 14-19

After attending ICANN 44 and experiencing the buzz around the new gTLDs, we highly recommend experiencing ICANN 45. This conference is full of information and allows the opportunity to network, learn, and gain understanding about trending Internet news and developments, including all things gTLD. Learn more about the meeting and register on the ICANN website.

If you’re attending any of these conferences we would like to catch up with you! If interested in setting up a meeting with us, please contact Carissa Pompei. We hope to see you soon.

We’ve gone Social!

Social Media
We’ve expanded our social media coverage to include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ and we would love to have you join us. Now you’re probably thinking, why must I follow Afternic on each of these four sites separately? Well, that’s because we offer unique content on each one!

Starting next month, we’ll be focusing our Google Plus content exclusively around domaining news and happenings. So if you don’t want to miss out on some great domaining content, we invite you to follow us and welcome your feedback!

Our twitter page has been a great outlet for tweeting updates and breaking news. Just last week we attended ICANN’s Reveal Day and offered live coverage of the event through our tweets. Surely any opportunity we get to bring you in on any action, Twitter will be our go to place.

We’re working to bring you exclusive offers, opportunities, and contests through Facebook in the coming months, so join us in the like revolution and interact with us so you don’t miss out. Tell us what offer you’d most look forward to finding on our Facebook page.

And LinkedIn is all about the discussions. The ever-changing domaining industry always gives us something to talk about.

Whether you prefer to follow, “like”, connect, or plus one, we invite you to do them all with us!

Domain Sales: June 2012

Top Selling Domain Categories This Month to Date

There are many things to consider when making your domain sale public, like where you want to sell it, how much you want to sell it for, and what category to list it in. Once you’ve determined where to list your domain, you’ll want to price it and put it in the appropriate category to get the most attention. But what’s the right category?
Domain Sales
Beyond what category seems to be the right fit, looking at previous domain sales can also help you decide. The table located to the left represents all Afternic sales June MTD by category. While it is tempting to not categorize your domain, it is incredibly beneficial to your domain sale. By placing your domain in a category that is relevant, a customer may stumble upon it during their search in that category, rather than searching for the keyword.

For example, is available on Afternic and is categorized in the shopping category, which makes the most sense. So a potential retailer may be in the market for a new domain, searching under the shopping category and find that fits their business needs best.

As you can see, the most popular categories are computers, business, recreation, society, and shopping. So if your domain fits into any of those classifications, you may want to consider them as your first choice since they receive the most traffic and therefore sales.

While categorizing your domain is crucial to the success of selling your domain, you’ll also want to be listing it on a network that reaches a vast amount of buyers. Afternic offers access to the largest domain marketplace and unlimited selling potential. And with the help of domain sales history, categorizing your domain on a listing service, like Afternic, should be no problem! – There’s always an App for that.

Mobile App

Smartphones will account for 70% of the mobile phone market by 2015, which will drastically increase the already substantial demand for mobile applications in the near future. As a result, mobile app revenue will grow to $32 billion by 2014, increasing mobile application downloads as well. offers an opportunity to access consumers who have joined the smartphone revolution and tap into the multi-billion dollar app industry.

There are over 312 million searches for terms related to “Mobile Application” each month. This means  people all over the world, with their smart phones in hand, are searching for mobile apps. Such outstanding search potential would certainly put at the top of search results and ensure an immediate ROI.

A keyword-rich domain like, provides almost as many possibilities as the mobile apps themselves! Because of the endless numbers of applications and booming demand in this industry, now is the time to take advantage of this domain. In a market where everything seems to be instanteous, it’s important to seize this opportunity now. is available exclusively at Afternic. For more information, please contact Brian Kleiner at 781.839.2858 or by e-mail at

Hello China!

Domain Parking
Just this morning Afternic announced its new partnership with HiChina, expanding its marketplace once again. With already over 90 partners, Afternic offers the largest domain marketplace and continues to grow and make new connections all over the world. By joining efforts with HiChina, Afternic’s domains will be listed for sale on HiChina’s website,, increasing the reselling possibilities as HiChina is China’s largest registrar.

Jason Miner, Chief Operating Officer of Afternic, also makes a great point saying, “As we continue to strengthen our global presence through key partnerships with the world’s top registrars such as HiChina, we bring buyers and sellers from across the globe together through our unified aftermarket.” Every new partner is a welcomed and positive addition to the Afternic network and joining with HiChina has opened up another great global connection.

Stan X. D. Zhang, CEO of HiChina, is also pleased about the new partnership stating, “We are pleased to add Afternic’s premium domain listings to our search results, giving our users the broadest possible choice of domains.” He believes that the quality of the “premium domains combined with the ease and speed of the instant transfer process will be very beneficial” to their customers, making the partnership welcomed on both ends. Afternic looks forward to growing the relationship and exploring the new opportunities that this partnership will reveal.

Click here to read the full press release.

Domain Parking Program

Domain Parking
The Benefits of Parking a Domain with Afternic

You’ve decided to sell a domain. Now what? While it may seem like an extra step in the selling process, there are numerous benefits to a domain parking program. Utilizing a domain parking service, like Afternic, is a great way to earn revenue and sell your domain faster!

There are three quick and easy steps to getting your domain name parked, each of which has its own benefit to the process.

One. The first step in the domain parking program is to join Afternic. By signing up for free at, you have access to the largest worldwide domain marketplace. With over 90 partners all over the world, Afternic has created a tremendous domain name marketplace that will surely get your domains noticed. After all, the more people that see your domain, the more likely you are to sell it. In addition, Afternic has the industries largest and most experience sales team, who will work tirelessly to get your domain sold.

Two. After joining and getting your domains uploaded to the site, you’ll want to park your domain. If you’re unaware what domain parking is, that’s what the experts are here for! Afternic’s experienced team helps to get your domain parked, so you don’t have to. Domain parking is simply the registration of the domain with content based on keywords to display relevant advertising and generate revenue by click on ads. Sellers also have the option to display a “for sale” banner at the top of the page, displaying contact information for inquiring buyers. This is why parked domains are 500% more likely to sell!

Three. The final benefit to parking your domain is unique to Afternic’s program. Once your domain has sold, Afternic offers 5% cash back for parking participants on the sales commission. The combination of the cash back program with Afternic’s industry low commission rates means you end up with the most revenue possible from your domain sale. Not only is the experienced domain monetization team there to assist in every step of the process, but they are on your side, making your domain sale as profitable and quick as possible.

If you’ve decided to sell a domain, it is definitely worth learning more about Afternic’s domain parking program. You cannot go wrong having your domain on the largest domain network and drawing the most type-in traffic as possible. For immediate assistance, call 1-866-351-9586 (Toll Free) or +1 781-839-7990 (Worldwide).

You Could be Going Places with

Auto Loan

The Auto Financing industry is worth over 100 billion dollars, with Auto Loans comprising 33% of that revenue.  With industry revenue forecasted to increase 2.3% each year, over the next five years, the auto financing industry is showing great growth potential. Utilizing offers the possibility to dominate this growing market in search results and claim a part of the billions of  dollars in revenue.

Each month there are over 250 million searches for terms related to “Automotive Loans,” which means millions of people all over the world are looking for more information about an auto loan. This outstanding search potential would put at the top of search results and ensure an immediate ROI.

Despite the current state of the economy, credit markets are becoming more acessible and more consumers will be looking to purchase a vehicle and search out financing opportunities. offers access to those consumers looking for an auto loan and opens up numerous business possibilities. With a keyword-rich domain like there is sure to be significant site traffic.

Take advantage of this opportunity today, is exclusively available now at Afternic! Please contact Todd Cantwell for more information at 781.839.2857 or by e-mail at