Weekly AfternicDLS Sales: July 16, 2012 through July 22, 2012

Weekly Domain Sales Breakdown
Domain Sales for the week of July 16, 2012 to July 22, 2012


Afternic’s sales totaled $924,779.

The top sale for this week was shenyun.com , which sold for $16,475.00.

The Business and Computer categories tied for first, accounting each for 13% of the domains sold, followed by Recreation at 11%, proving that categorizing your domain is crucial!

Below please find the list of highlighted public domain sales.

Weekly Sales

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Domain Sales: July 2012

Top Selling Domain Categories This Month to Date

Each month we break down all domain sales on Afternic by category. This month’s sales were led by the Business category, different from last month’s Computer category trend. Interestingly, the top five categories, business, computers, recreation, society, and shopping remained the top five for both months. All other categories remained relatively constant, with the exception of Specials. Originally accounting for .2% of sales in June, the Specials category hit 5.9% in July, which is a significant increase.
Categorizing your domain is crucial to the sale of your domain name. When categorizing, you should especially take into consideration the most popular categories, like the top five mentioned above. The high percentages indicate traffic, people looking for a domain within that category, as opposed to searching for a specific name. For this reason, you want to make sure you take the time to categorize your domain.

Take Styles.com for example, this domain fits well into the shopping category. So if a potential buyer is looking for a domain for a retail outlet or e-commerce site, they will stumble upon the Styles.com website, without every typing in the actual name. As the seller, you benefit greatly from categorizing your domain, because the domain is visible in more than one place.

Of course, to categorize your names you must first be listing your domains on the world’s largest domain marketplace. Afternic has a global network of resellers that reaches over 65 million buyers monthly. Afternic’s incredible reach gets more buyers in front of your domain names, which results in more sales. If you are already an Afternic member, be sure to categorize your names to further increase the visibility of your portfolio.

HostingCon 2012 Wrap Up

HostingCon’s eighth annual conference wraps up.

Last week we attended HostingCon 2012 and found it to be largely successful! With almost 2,000 participants from all over the world, we tried to take full advantage of the networking opportunities available to us. The three day conference was packed with informative sessions and professionals from both the hosting and domaining industries.

We look forward to watching the progress and partnerships of the hosting and the domaining industries for years to come, and are already anticipating the confirmation of next year’s event, currently scheduled for June 17th through 19th, 2013 in Austin, Texas.

The number of domaining industry participants attending this and other hosting events has grown tremendously since the HostingCon conference began eight years ago. Professionals from the hosting industry have shown an increasing interest in premium domains, and are emphasizing the developing importance of having them.

This increased interest is one of the many reasons Afternic has launched its Affiliate Program. As the world’s largest domain marketplace, Afternic is always looking for more partnership opportunities in order to bring our customers and partners a growing inventory of more than five million quality domains. With more than 100 reseller partners all over the world, we are truly expanding our global reach and making invaluable connections.

Why stop at offering hosting services? You could be complementing your services with a large portfolio of premium domains, while improving your customer’s experience and increasing your own revenue! With the highest median sales price in the industry at $1,288 and the opportunity to take advantage of 50% of our commission, it couldn’t be any easier. Especially since all marketing materials are available to you once you’ve joined Afternic.

If you have any questions, please contact Carissa Pompei, our Business Development Manager, either by telephone at 781-839-2876 or by e-mail at cpompei@afternic.com.

Styles.com – Outfit your business with something new and stylish!

The combined revenue of women and men’s apparel is 48 billion dollars, making the retail industry extremely profitable. And with an ann ual growth rate of 3.5%, sales will grow over the next five years as well. Styles.com offers access to consumers looking to keep up with trending styles and will surely draw great attention. The simplicity and versatility of Styles.com offers limitless potential for website development and will attract trendy and stylish consumers instantaneously.

With an outstanding 384 million searches for terms related to “Styles” each month, Styles.com has tremendous search potential. Searching for current fashion trends, consumers will certainly see Styles.com topping search results. This keyword-rich, one word domain offers an immediate ROI.

The world of fashion is constantly in flux. Something will be in style one season and out the next, but there’s always a new trend to replace it. Consumers and fashion aficionados alike look to online media and e-commerce sites to keep up with the latest trends, meaning that online traffic to fashion and style web properties will consistently be high. Styles.com has enormous potential to be a hub of style news, information, and ecommerce.

Styles.com can be the next nucleus of fashion information as well as a top online shopping center, and with retail sales at an all time high, there has never been a better time to take advantage of this domain name.

Styles.com is now available, exclusively at Afternic! For more information, please contact Todd Cantwell at 781-839-2857 or by e-mail at tcantwell@afternic.com.

InvestmentPlanning.com – Invest in a new premium domain!

Investment Planning

Watch your asset grow!

As the demand for financial advice and investment planning services increases, so does the industries revenue. A forecasted 4.2% annual increase will bring the financial planning industry to over 57 billion do llars in the next five years. Reach this valuable consumer segment with InvestmentPlanning.com and secure a part of the billion dollar industry as it continuously grows.

With an astounding 219 million searches for terms related to “Investment Planning” each month, InvestmentPlanning.com has tremendous search potential. Searching for investment planning options, consumers will certainly see InvestmentPlanning.com topping search results, and ensuring an immediate ROI.

Consumers invest for different reasons, which is why planning with an industry expert is important. InvestmentPlanning.com is a keyword-rich domain that offers access to potential customers looking to make an investment plan for any number of reasons. Whether the client is big or small, an incredible amount of money is invested each year. InvestmentPlanning.com has tremendous revenue potential.

InvestmentPlanning.com is now available, exclusively at Afternic. For more information, please contact Vito Roussell at 781-839-2845 or by e-mail at vroussell@afternic.com.

Domain Name Registration vs. Domain Hosting

What is the difference between the two?

Domain name registration and domain name hosting tend to go hand in hand, which often leads to them being used interchangeably, making the difference between the two confusing to many people. One way of keeping registration straight from hosting, is to know that registration must come before hosting.

Domain Name Registration:
Domain Registration
Since your domain name is unique to your business, providing your online “address,” you want to make sure that no one has the same one. This is why domain name registration is necessary. Registering your domain with an ICANN accredited registrar ensures that no one else has access to the domain name while you have it registered.

In order to use a domain name for a website, redirect, domain parking or other alternative, it will need to be registered. Afternic offers an incredibly beneficial Parking Program, but it is only possible with a registered domain name. If your domain name is not registered, the domain cannot be parked. So if you’re planning to sell a domain, the most efficient and effective selling strategy is to park your domain, gaining you visibility and revenue, which means registering is a must.

Domain Hosting:

Once your domain name registration is complete, you want to introduce your domain to the World Wide Web. In order to do so, you’ll need to find a web host. A domain host is where your website content lives, providing the space on a physical server for your content to be saved and served to the web from. For your website to be accessible, your registered domain must be hosted. While many domain registrars also offer hosting services, it is up to you as to whether you want to use the same company for both registration and hosting services.

This growing industry is highlighted by the premier hosting services conference, HostingCon, which is taking place in Boston this week. While this event emphasizes the hosted services industry, there has been a increasing number of domaining professionals joining the conference over the past eight years since it began.

The merge of the domaining industry and hosted services industry, much like the blended use of domain name registration and domain hosting, indicates that one depends on the other.  The creation of a website starts with the purchase of a domain name, like the one’s offered in Afternic’s premium domain marketplace, and the rest stems from there.

KneeReplacementSurgery.com – Replace your domain with a premium one!

Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement has become one of the most common surgeries in the United States with more than 500,000 people undergoing the procedure each year. Today, the average cost for knee replacement surgery is an outstanding $45,000 to $70,000, representing great revenue potential. With KneeReplacementSurgery.com tap into the revenue potential and help those in need of this important lifestyle surgery.

With over 38 million searches for terms related to “Knee Replacement Surgery” each month, KneeReplacementSurgery.com has tremendous potential. Searching for advice, doctors, and surgical facilities consumers will certainly see KneeReplacemetnSurgery.com topping search results. This keyword-rich domain offers an immediate ROI.

As the need for knee replacement surgery continues to grow, so does consumer interest. KneeReplacementSurgery.com offers consumers an easy to remember domain that could provide anything from surgical facts to recovery tips, and more. While knee replacements continue to be popular, the cost has grown significantly as well, offering a consistently high profit. KneeReplacementSurgery.com allows access to the surgical world for both the developer and patients.

KneeReplacementSurgery.com is available now, exclusively at Afternic! If interested, please contact Kevin Nguyen at 781-839-7922 or by e-mail at knguyen@afternic.com.

Weekly AfternicDLS Sales: July 9, 2012 through July 15, 2012

Weekly Domain Sales Breakdown
Domain Sales for the week of July 9, 2012 to July 15, 2012


Afternic’s sales totaled $817,414.

The top sale for this week was etrol.com and fungry.com, which both sold for $9,500.00.

The Business and Computer categories tied for first, accounting each for 14% of the domains sold, followed by Recreation at 13%, proving that categorizing your domain is crucial!

Below please find the list of highlighted public domain sales.

Weekly Sales

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New Asian Partnership Announcement!

Afternic is welcomed into the Asian Domain Market yet again! After partnering with HiChina just a few short weeks ago, Afternic is announcing another partnership with Chinese registrar, Dnbiz. As a premium domain reseller, Dnbiz will add Afternic’s Instant Transfer domain names to Dnbiz.com making millions of new domains available to their customers.

By providing customers with the instant transfer option, business owners are able to take advantage of their domain purchase immediately. This is incredibly convenient for global business partnerships, allowing transactions to be carried out across countries seamlessly. The instant transfer domains that Afternic offers close the gap between partners, buyers, and sellers, allowing for unlimited connection capabilities. Furthermore, it simplifies the process for the buyers and sellers, eliminating any delays in the transfer procedure.

As Mr. Charlie Wang, COO of Dnbiz, says it best, “Our customers are thrilled with the breadth of domains available from Afternic, and the speed in which they are moved into their accounts.” Customers value the ease of the Afternic process, and we are happy to be able to share that with an even larger group of consumers.

Jason Miner, COO of Afternic, is also enthusiastic about the new partnership. “We are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to have their names presented to this growing market and for the Chinese domain buyers to have access to the high quality domains in the Afternic network.” With every new partnership, Afternic is working to expand its network and bring its customers a truly global domain marketplace.

As the world’s largest domain marketplace, Afternic hopes to continue to grow its partnerships in Asia and around the world. With over 90 partners already, Afternic is always looking for further global connections.

Read the full press release here.

HostingCon2012: Pre-Convention Planning


It’s already that time again! HostingCon, the premier event for the hosted services industry, is set to take place Monday, July 16th through Wednesday, July 18th in Boston, Massachusetts. With an outstanding projection of over 2,000 professionals in attendance, the networking opportunities are tremendous. Of that attendance, an increasing amount of domaining companies have been attending, making it evident that more and more registrars, resellers and other domaining entities are realizing the power of premium domains.

We hope that you’ve registered and will be joining us at the conference next week! The HostingCon2012 Schedule is jam packed with great meetings covering sales and marketing, industry trends, technology, and management. All of the events have incredibly knowledgeable speakers, who will provide great insight into the hosting industry.

A great way to prepare for the convention is to look over some of the blog articles posted on the HostingCon website, especially “5 Ways to Get the Most out of your HostingCon Experience.” This article helps you to maximize your time by directing you to hone in on the following:

  1. Get Educated
  2. Get Involved
  3. Get Connected
  4. Get Paid
  5. Get Down

To learn more, you can read the full article here. Be sure to take advantage of all the conference has to offer and plan your schedule now to make the most of the three days. We look forward to packing our days to learn more and talk with other participants, so please let us know if you will be in attendance!

HostingCon is sure to please this year, as it always provides valuable information on the hosting industry. The conference allows for great networking opportunities and discussion of new partnerships. As the world’s largest domain marketplace, we are always looking to expand and welcome new partners in the domaining industry and continue to develop our global reach. Schedule a meet-up with us at HostingCon2012 and let us show you the advantages of an Afternic partnership. We look forward to seeing you there!