Clearance Sale!

We’ve got a great portfolio of .co domains that must go!

The .co extension is one of the most popular TLDs beyond the .com. Use them as a substitute for .com domains that are already taken, or add them to your domains to implement a multiple domains strategy.
.co Domains
This offering includes a large portfolio of almost one hundred quality .co names that we have to get out the door in this clearance sale! We’ll be accepting all reasonable offers on one or all of these domains for the next week. Included in the portfolio of names are the domains listed to the right.

These keyword -rich domains offer great search potential and plentiful web development options. Take advantage of this great opportunity and search the inventory at Afternic for all available .co domains. For more information or to submit an offer, please contact Todd Cantwell at 781-839-2857 or via e-mail at

Weekly AfternicDLS Sales: Aug 20, 2012 through Aug 26, 2012

Weekly Domain Sales Breakdown
Domain Sales for the week of Aug 20, 2012 to Aug 26, 2012

Afternic’s sales totaled $ 957,127.

The top sale for this week was, which sold for $120,000.

The Business category came in first, accounting for 13.9% of the domains sold, followed by Computers at 13.4%, and Recreation at 10.1%, proving that categorizing your domain is crucial!

Below please find the list of highlighted public domain sales.

Weekly Sales

Want to see your names on this list? Join Afternic today. – Preschool is now in session.
As the country’s population continues to grow, so does the amount of children under the age of five. With over 10 million children attending preschool every year, searches for the best local preschools across the nation have never been higher. Offering the perfect opportunity to tap into the audience of parents and guardians searching for potential preschool options for their young children, has incredible development possibilities.

With over 75 million searches for terms related to “Preschoolers” each month, the search potential for is astounding. Whether parents are searching for the best preschool, activities to keep their preschooler busy, or even supplies for preschool aged children, the search results will keep growing for this continually populating age group.

Each year brings a new generation of preschool aged children, and with it a new audience of parents searching for preschool options and related material, making a timeless investment. A one word, premium domain name like is sure to top search results and has potential to become the #1 destination for parents with young children. is now available, exclusively at Afternic. For more information, please contact Eric Hammond at 781-839-7918 or by e-mail at

Domain Sales – August

Top Selling Domain Categories This Month to Date

When there’s millions of other domains available on the market, what can you do to make sure that your name stands out among all the rest?  While pricing and categorizing your domain can be simple tasks to complete when listing a domain for sale, many sellers neglect to do one or both of those steps. Domains that are priced and categorized are much more likely to sell because their visibility is immediately increased with the help of those two parts, price and categorization.
Domain Sales
Pricing a domain is crucial to acquiring serious buyers because many people will look over a domain that is not priced, not wanting to hassle to get an initial price. Pricing helps buyers determine whether the domain is worth the asking price, before entering into any negotiating.

Categorizing helps your domains visibility tremendously as well. Listing your domains on the world’s largest domain marketplace is a great way to spread the word that a domain is for sale, but by categorizing your domain, you increase visibility once again. Domains that are not categorized have no chance of showing up when a user performs a category specific search. The more places your domain can be found in search results, the better chances you will have to sell the domain.

Interestingly enough, the top five categories this month recreation, business, shopping, computer, and society have been the top five for the past two months we’ve been posting them. This indicates great strength in the visibility of those particular categories, especially with recreation this month. If you have already listed your domains or are planning to soon, referencing domain sales can help you determine what category fits best for the domain and in turn ensure that your domain will have a greater reach.

Afternic, Moniker, and Snapnames Joint Showcase Domain Auction

Domain AuctionsAfter our first joint auction success, we decided to try it again!

Moniker, SnapNames, and Afternic will be sponsoring a new online auction running through September 20th, with a select inventory of premium domains for sale. Due to the success of our auction this past spring, we are offering another great portfolio of domains to our customers at auction prices. Most names will have low or no reserves, so be sure to check out the listings.

Given the excitement that was generated by such quality names going for such affordable prices in the previous auction, we have added similar names that are easily brandable and have great search traffic potential to the list for this upcoming auction.

Here are just a few of the quality domains listed in our current auction:
… and many more. See the full listings here

Purchasing premium domains through the auction format allows you to expand your own domain portfolio, possibly undertaking a new multiple domain strategy, without breaking the bank.

Check out the auction here and take advantage of the low/no reserves on these quality domain names!

Ting: Mobile that Makes Sense

From time to time, we come across deals from our partners that we think you would like to hear about. We think you’ll like Ting mobile service from our trusted partner Tucows, because it offers fair pricing, clear bills, online tools, and the average monthly bill is $31.50. To help you make the switch to ‘mobile that makes sense’, we’re offering $50 off a Ting device purchase. To claim this $50 credit, use this code and your discount will be applied at checkout

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably frustrated with your mobile service provider. Weird fees, line items that seem to come out of nowhere (what exactly is a “recovery fee?”) overage charges on plans that are supposed to be unlimited, poor customer service and the like.

We think you’ll appreciate Ting mobile service from our partner Tucows. Yes, that Tucows.

Ting takes the Tucows passion for Internet services and brings it to the mobile space. Fair pricing, no-hold customer support, clear bills plus the online tools you need to take complete control of your account.

With Ting, you choose the service levels you think you’ll hit from the available buckets for minutes, messages and megabytes. You can have unlimited devices on one plan and the rates actually get better the more you use. Each device on a plan costs $6/mo. and uses your shared pool of minutes, messages and megabytes. If you use more than you thought you would, Ting will bump you up to the next service level without penalty; you just pay the difference. Here’s where Ting gets really unique though: if you use less than you thought you would, Ting will credit you on your next bill.

In the Ting online control panel you can take complete control of each device on your account. Turn off data on some phones while enabling it on others, set limits for how many text messages can be sent by a given phone in a given month, receive alerts when a device or your account reaches a certain level of usage for minutes, messages or megabytes.

In short, Ting is a pretty radical new way to do mobile.

Use our affiliate code to get $50 off your first Ting device.

Selling Domain Names

Avoid unwelcome scams, miscommunications, and more by using a trustworthy escrow service.
Selling Domain Names
Selling a domain should be simple, but there frequently seems to be some little complication that delays the buying and selling process. How do you take the stress out of a selling a domain and ensure that you as the seller are protected from any scams that may arise? The answer is to avoid making any transactions between you and the buyer alone, risking potential miscommunications, and use a reliable escrow service to help ensure a secure payment and transferring procedure.

So how does an escrow service work? Afternic’s DN Escrow process requires three simple steps. Once the buyer and seller have agreed upon a price and accepted the sale agreement, the following takes place to achieve a secured transaction between the buyer and the seller.

1. The domain buyer may choose one of the many payment methods available and submit the payment to Afternic.

2. Once the payment is confirmed, the domain can be transferred. This can be done by the seller or through Afternic to ensure a seamless transaction.

3. After the buyer confirms receipt of the domain, the payment is disbursed to the seller and the process is completed with everyone receiving what was promised.

Don’t risk losing your domain or payment to an illegitimate deal when there are dependable escrow services provided to protect both parties in these valuable transactions. Whether you are selling domain names listed on Afternic, or just looking for an escrow service, Afternic’s DN Escrow is available to everyone. By joining Afternic for free, you have access to all the services that are offered, from listing your domains on the world’s largest marketplace, to parking, to taking advantage of the escrow services. The next time you are considering selling domain names, consider using Afternic’s effortless escrow service to smooth out the transaction.

Weekly AfternicDLS Sales: Aug 13, 2012 through Aug 19, 2012

Weekly Domain Sales Breakdown
Domain Sales for the week of Aug 13, 2012 to Aug 19, 2012

Afternic’s sales totaled $ 1,072,890.

The top sale for this week was, which sold for $15,800.

The Computers category came in first, accounting for 13.7% of the domains sold, followed by Business at 11.9%, and Society at 11.2%, proving that categorizing your domain is crucial!

Below please find the list of highlighted public domain sales.

Weekly Sales

Want to see your names on this list? Join Afternic today.

Domain News

As political domain names surface, domainers wait for a pay day.
Domain News
A successful domain flipper recognizes an opportunity early in order to make money, but sometimes you just get lucky. With the announcement of Mitt Romney’s running partner on Saturday, the domain world was quick to jump on names that may be valuable to the campaign. The introduction of Paul Ryan as Romney’s running partner, led to increased valuable domain possibilities and got domainers thinking about potential domain sales.

A different, non-polictical, Paul Ryan, owner of, may not have had any intention to sell his eleven year old domain name, but with recent news he is currently working on getting the domain appraised. Considering these new developments, the name will surely be much more valuable than it was just a few weeks ago, especially considering that he has already been approached with interest for the domain. Only time will tell if the un-expecting owner of will cash out on this political deal.

Other names like and are also potential domain sales for the owners. Purchased just months earlier and three days before the announcement, both owners have incredible insight and may be fortunate enough to reap great benefits.

Whether you are an experienced domainer or just happened to own the right domain at the right time, there’s two major points to take away from this domain news.

First: When having a domain appraised the obvious criteria will be considered, such as length, age, search potential, popularity, and so on. One important factor, however, is also media and current relevant domain news. If the owner of wanted to sell a year ago, it would not have had the same value as it will have today. Considering the increased search potential due to the media coverage and the other domain sales that will come from the Romney-Ryan announcement, knowing when the right time is to sell can drastically change the value of your domain.

Second: If you are an active domain flipper, buying and selling domains, knowing what is happening in the news is crucial. Although not every insight will pay, acting on a hunch every now and again could result in a high return on the purchase.

As the world’s largest domain marketplace, Afternic reaches millions of consumers all over the world. Listing domains with Afternic allows buyers to know the domain is for sale, and helps to increase visibility so the right buyer can get in touch with you.

Domain Value

What makes a domain worth the investment?

When it comes to selling a domain, determining what your domain is worth is easy with the help of a reputable domain appraisal. There are plenty of resources for you to use as the seller, however, domain value is also important when you are the buyer. You can request a domain appraisal from the seller and base your purchase on that evaluation, but doing a little background research of your own can also help. This is especially crucial if you want the best deal and are looking for the best return on your investment.
Domain Keywords
Of course the value of a domain is unique to the individual or business, but here are a few general guidelines when it comes to a domain’s value.

It’s all in the keyword. A domain that that is keyword-rich presents an incredible advantage to your business. Not only is it easy for consumers to remember and search for, but it will also rank highly organically when someone searches for that keyword. For example, if someone is searching for “Investment Planning,” chances are great that will be one of the top results, indicating that the right keywords add tremendous value.

Shorter is better. Much like choosing a suitable keyword, the length of the domain definitely plays into the value of a domain. Short domains, like two letter domains or even one word domains, are rare and therefore incredibly popular, making them worth much more than hyphenated or multiple word domains.

How old is the domain? The earlier the creation date of the domain, the more it is worth. If the domain has been around for a long time, it has already established some popularity, search potential, and domain authority.

Is there search potential? The whole purpose of purchasing a domain is so consumers can search for you online. Finding a domain that has high search rank potential is crucial to the success of a domain. So a domain with elevated search popularity is definitely a top pick.

Domain value is undeniably important to both the seller and the buyer. So when making a purchasing decision, make sure you are informed as the buyer. Do a little research on a prospective domain before settling on a purchase and find the domain that holds the most value for your business.