Afternic Weekly Sales: November 19, 2012 to November 25, 2012

Weekly Domain Sales Breakdown
Domain Sales for the week of Nov 19, 2012 to Nov 25, 2012

Afternic’s sales totaled $824,610.
The top public sale for this week was, which sold for $60,000.

The Business category came in first, accounting for 16.0% of all domains sold last week, followed by Computers at 10.5%, and Region at 10.5%.

Below please find the list of highlighted public domain sales.

Weekly Sales

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Afternic Weekly Sales: November 12, 2012 to November 18, 2012

Weekly Domain Sales Breakdown
Domain Sales for the week of Nov 12, 2012 to Nov 18, 2012

Afternic’s sales totaled $985,096.
The top public sales for this week were and, which both sold for $7,500.

The Recreation category came in first, accounting for 12.7% of all domains sold last week, followed by Society at 11.6%, and Computers at 11.2%.

Below please find the list of highlighted public domain sales.

Weekly Sales

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The Importance of Meta Data

Writing Meta Data for your Website
Meta Data
When developing a website there are many important tasks that must be completed before launching, one of which is writing and preparing Meta Data. Meta Data is often referred to as “data about data,” which refers to Meta descriptions and titles that are written to describe website content and displayed in search engine results.

While the amount of data on a website can be overwhelming, Meta titles and descriptions are still necessary. By creating unique and relevant Meta titles and descriptions for each page on your website, search engines are able to populate results with appropriate content and connect customers to the right pages more quickly.

There are three general rules to consider when writing Meta Data.

1. Use keywords. For purposes of SEO and enticing customer’s to click on your links, it’s important to use relevant keywords in your Meta Data. Creating titles and descriptions that accurately represent your website’s content will help search engines to define your pages and link customers to the results they are looking for.

2. Meta Titles should be less than 60 characters. It’s extremely important to keep in mind character counts when writing Meta Titles because you’ll want the entire title displayed in search results. A cut off title not only takes away information from the customer, but it can result in fewer clicks to your page.

3. Meta Descriptions should be less than 155 characters. The same is true for Meta Descriptions. Although the character limit is increased to 155, Meta Descriptions allow you to offer more details about the title and entice customers to follow your link. Adding a benefit, offer, and call to action in this section is a great way to further define your link and make customer’s aware of what you have to offer.

Neglecting to add Meta Data or ignoring the character limits can result in limited information and translate to missed opportunities as well! Don’t give customers a reason to skip over your listing because your information is choppy or hard to understand.

Domain Sales: November

Top Selling Domain Categories this Month to Date
Domain Sales: November
The chart to the right lists the percentage of total domain sales by category on Afternic for the month of November. Recreation retained the top spot as the most popular category from October. Business domains were more popular in November, gaining a full percentage point from last month, while the Society category fell by almost two percentage points.

When listing a domain for sale, you are given the option to categorize your domain and many people choose to leave their domain uncategorized. While categorizing your domain isn’t mandatory, categorized domains are three times more likely to sell and taking the time to categorize your domain clearly makes a difference.

If you are unsure on how to categorize your domains, consider the following criteria when trying to determine the best fit.

Domain Sales Trends

Looking at previous month’s domain sales is a great reference when attempting to categorize a domain. Recognizing which categories are most popular may help to make your categorization decision much easier.

Your Actual Domain Name

While it may seem obvious, matching keywords in your domain name to available category options is a simple categorizing technique. You cannot predict how the domain will be developed in the future, but the domain name will certainly not be changing.

Website Content

If your domain has been developed and hosts website content, you might also want to consider the nature of the content when categorizing. Looking beyond your actual domain name will help to brainstorm new ideas and further category opportunities as well.

5 Steps to Prepare for a Website Launch

The how-to on launching a new website.
Preparing for a website launch takes a considerable amount of effort, but all the hard work pays off once the website is launched and traffic to your site increases. As the checklist grows of things that must be done, keep in mind your audience, search engine algorithms, and double checking all of your work before the site goes public!

Here are a few steps that should be at the top of that to-do list:

  1. Buy a domain name if you do not already own one. Before you can begin developing a website, you must own a domain name. A domain serves as your online real estate and will serve as a home for your website.

  2. Remove parking from the domain and create an under construction page 1 month ahead. If your domain has been previously parked, you’ll want to remove the parking a few weeks to a month before you are prepared to launch. This will allow Google to transition your site from the “parked page” category, to a functioning website. Since the website is not fully functional at this time, creating an “under construction” page will allow the transition between parked and fully functioning website to go smoothly when it comes to search engines results.

  3. Develop engaging content and meta data that will be valuable to users and help search engines know what your site is about. Creating content that is both informative for customers and includes relevant keywords is imperative for the success of your website launch. It’s important to keep in mind that your website is a representation of your business and one of the first impressions consumers will get. So while providing all the right information is important, it’s also crucial to keep in mind how customers will be arriving at the site. Including the right content in the right places could make the difference between a first page position in search results and no ranking at all.

  4. Create an internal linking structure to help users and search engines navigate your site, and double check all links are working. While providing the right information is essential, you must also take into consideration the usability of your website. A user-friendly web page ensures limited frustration of customers and allows search engines to connect customers directly to the pages they are looking for. Before launching, be sure to double check that each link is working. A test of all links before launching will ensure a smooth launch.

  5. Redirect any pages from old sites that you are no longer using in the case of a re-launch, and create error pages. If you are transitioning between an old website and this new site, make sure to redirect old pages to your new domain. You don’t want to be losing old traffic, and should make old visitors aware that you’ve moved. At the same time, you should develop error pages for technical difficulties to let consumers know that something has gone wrong and you are aware of the situation and working to correct it.

Afternic Weekly Sales: November 05, 2012 to November 11, 2012

Weekly Domain Sales Breakdown
Domain Sales for the week of Nov 05, 2012 to Nov 11, 2012

Afternic’s sales totaled $1,043,592.
The top public sale for this week was, which sold for $11,375.

The Recreation category came in first, accounting for 13.7% of all domains sold last week, followed by Computers at 12.5%, and Business at 12.1%.

Below please find the list of highlighted public domain sales.

Weekly Sales

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Domain News: Searching for the Right Opportunitites

News, Consumers, and Search
Of course you can’t predict the future, but you can certainly anticipate it. When something noteworthy happens, or is expected to happen, there’s a strong chance that people are searching online for more details. Whether its curiosity or an attempt to be further informed, search results experience an immediate boost when it comes to current news events.

But what relevance does this have to you or your business? If you are interested in developing a successful domain name or domain flipping, high search volume is crucial your success. This is where knowing what is trending in search results can be helpful.

Take for example, Hurricane Sandy. As the east coast was preparing for a horrific storm, groceries weren’t the only thing people were stocking up on. Considering the potential after math of the storm, lawyers and many others purchased Hurricane Sandy related domains, as searches with related keywords reached record numbers. Still days after the storm people are looking for more news, updates, and pictures. Recognizing what consumers are looking for and acting on it to provide the information or help they are searching for is a great way to be proactive in the domaining industry.

While not every news story will translate to the most lucrative domain name, it’s important to keep up with the hype and recognize a new opportunity when it arises. Search popularity is crucial to a domain’s success, and when news stories begin to circulate there is sure to be an increase in search volume as well.

So when searching for your next domain name, whether it is for your new business or for domain flipping purposes, be sure to take into account current events and other happenings around the world. You just might get lucky, finding the right domain at the right time.