Webfest Global 2013

Another domain conference you won’t want to miss!

Having the opportunity to attend multiple domain conferences and trade shows throughout the year presents the opportunity to keep informed and up to date on new information in the domaining industry. By taking advantage of networking opportunities, expert speakers, and many other elements that are made available at these conferences, we are able to keep a fresh perspective and share valuable information with others.

WebfestAs the Webfest conference approaches next week, running February 5th through February 7th, Afternic is looking forward to attending and being able to tap into the opportunities that the conference presents. Besides enjoying the wonderful location of Santa Monica, California, Webfest offers a full schedule of informative sessions. This conference covers a wide range of topics, sure to interest anyone in the domaining industry. Whether you are looking to learn more about domain investing, new gTLDs, or mobile advertising, there are definitely sessions worth attending at Webfest for you.

In order to optimize your experience at Webfest, take advantage of the posted agenda and plan out your days now! Make the most of your time at the conference by planning to attend the sessions that interest you, and leave time to network with over 600 other professionals that come from all around the world.

As Afternic prepares to head to California, we look forward to making new connections as well. As the world’s largest domain marketplace, we are always interested in networking opportunities and expanding our global reach.

If you are also headed to Webfest, and would like to meet with us, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested in setting up a meeting, please contact Carissa Pompei, our business development manager, or find us during the conference. We hope to see you soon!

Get your head out of the clouds with Nube.com!

As the world’s data continues to double every two years, the demand for more web space is increasing exponentially. With 40% of businesses experimenting with cloud computing and another 26% waiting for the industry to mature, the revenue possibilities will continue to grow. Take advantage of this increasing revenue potential with Nube.com, Spanish for cloud, and develop the next hub for cloud storage.
Nube.comWith the increasing trend of cloud computing, Nube.com offers the perfect opportunity to tap into the cloud industry with little competition. “Nube,” a simple one-word Spanish term, generates over two million related searches each month and has the potential to deliver an immediate ROI.

In the next four years, cloud storage is expected to double, increasing from 600 million subscribers to over 1.2 billion subscribers by 2017. This tremendous growth rate lends to great cloud development opportunities.

Nube.com offers the developer the opportunity to create the additional cloud space that consumers and businesses require. Take advantage of this revenue potential by investing in Nube.com.

Nube.com is now available exclusively at Afternic. For more information, please contact Brian Kleiner at 781-839-2858 or by email at bkleiner@afternic.com.

Afternic Weekly Sales: January 21, 2013 to January 27, 2013

Weekly Domain Sales Breakdown
Domain Sales for the week of Jan 21, 2013 to Jan 27, 2013

Afternic’s sales totaled $886,564.

The top public sale for the past week was TrafficLaw.com, which sold for $18,500.

The Specials category came in first, accounting for 14% of all domains sold in the past week, followed by Computers at 13%.

Below please find the list of highlighted public domain sales.

Weekly Sales

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Reverse Domain Hijacking

Prevent your domain from being hijacked.
Domain Research
Obtaining a domain through legal intimidation is incredibly inappropriate, but that doesn’t mean it never occurs. Unfortunately, there are a number of large businesses out there who feel privileged to certain domain names, and are willing to bully the current owners of their desired domains into handing them over.

Unlike domain hijacking, where the domain owner is at fault for purchasing a particular domain with the intent of the trademark owner later being interested, reverse domain hijacking is the result of the trademark owner going after the domain owner. Whether the trademark owner has poorly planned a new product name without checking domain availability prior to launch, or they consciously decide to just go after the domain owner, reverse domain hijacking can take many forms.

In most cases, the company will file a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, or UDRP, indicating that the domain owner is infringing on their trademark and should be required to give up the domain name. This legal action tends to scare domain owners into giving up their domain without pursuing any further litigation. Just because a UDRP is filed, however, doesn’t mean that the filing company is entitled to the domain name.

Avoid being victimized by these vicious scams by following these three steps to prevent your domain from being reverse hijacked.

Don’t give up your domain too quickly.

While your initial reaction to legal action being taken against you may be to get out of the situation as quickly as possible, that’s not the answer. By giving up your domain without any further proceedings or questions, you’re giving in to a bully’s demands and losing a domain that is rightfully yours.

Do your own research.

Instead of succumbing to legal documentation just because it’s an official document, take the time to do your own research. Gather all the facts and prepare yourself to fight for your domain. If you have educated yourself on the situation and have a complete understanding of both sides, chances are you can highlight the fact that the other company’s poor planning should not result in your loss of a domain you have purchased.

Follow through with legal action.

If the other company continues to be persistent with their legal intimidation, entering into proceedings with the UDRP committee will be necessary. While reverse domain hijacking holds no consequences for the bullying company, the domain owner has the opportunity to protect their domain name and keep it as their own.

3 Steps to Pre-Purchase Domain Research

Get in the know before you buy.
Domain Research
If you are in the market to purchase a new domain name, conducting research and educating yourself on the value of a domain can be largely beneficial. While you may have a particular domain in mind and it may hold value to you, it’s important that you also understand its value to others. Whether you plan to develop the domain and use it as your own, or sell it later, conducting preliminary research before buying will make all the difference.

Earlier this week Morgan Linton shared 3 Things To Do Before Buying A Domain, which included great research tips, such as checking search volume, seeing if trademarks had been filed, and searching Google for the domain. In addition to these items to research, here are a few additional aspects to look into to help further determine the worth or value of your new domain prospect.

Social Media Handle Availability

If you’re purchasing a domain for development purposes, you’ll want to also check out the availability of social media handles. With the popularity of social media marketing, having the right social pages is essential to any marketing campaign, and having the right name can make all the difference. Take the time to check the popular social media sites to see if your name is still up for grabs.

Get a Domain Appraisal

If you are unsure of what the search volume and Google search results mean in terms of domain value, a domain appraisal provides the perfect opportunity to get an expert opinion. Domain appraisals take into consideration search volume and popularity, among a variety of other factors. It serves as an objective domain valuation tool that can help you gain a better perspective on what the domain is worth.

Other Extension and Similar Domain Availability

Purchasing multiple domains, and pursuing a multiple domain strategy by forwarding your domains, can also be a beneficial route. Whether you take advantage of buying all at once, or plan to purchase more domains at a later date, checking the availability of other domain extensions and similar domains will help to determine the value of the new domain.

Afternic Weekly Sales: January 14, 2013 to January 20, 2013

Weekly Domain Sales Breakdown
Domain Sales for the week of Jan 14, 2013 to Jan 20, 2013

Afternic’s sales totaled $1,014,103.

The top public sale for the past week was Everclear.com, which sold for $18,000.

The Specials category came in first, accounting for 18.0% of all domains sold in the past week, followed by Business at 12.0%.

Below please find the list of highlighted public domain sales.

Weekly Sales

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3 Benefits of Forwarding Your Domains

Take advantage of a multiple domain strategy.
Forwarding Domains
Purchasing multiple domains could be perceived as excessive, but using those domains properly can work to tremendously improve search traffic opportunities. While you may have one primary domain that you have focused on developing and driving traffic to, there are several benefits to forwarding secondary domains to your website.

The following three reasons support the benefits of a multiple domain strategy and communicate the advantages of forwarding your domains.

Draw Traffic to One Developed Webpage

Developing a website requires a great deal of resources and patience, which often becomes an overwhelming thought if you’ve purchased more than one domain name. Just because you’ve purchased multiple domain names, however, doesn’t mean that you have to develop each one to reflect its own individually unique webpage.

Forwarding multiple domains to one single developed page allows you to own more web space without having to develop it all. By focusing on perfecting one website, the others can be spared the website creation process, but still offer the benefit of driving traffic to your selected website.

Track Your Marketing Campaign

Measuring the success of a new marketing campaign is an essential part of the marketing process. If you’re spending money to advertise, regardless of the outlet, it’s important that you can determine whether the campaign adds value to your company, but it’s not always that easy to establish.

With the help of a vanity URL, you have the opportunity to better track the traffic that results from your marketing campaigns. If you use this secondary, vanity domain name in your advertising,it will still result in increasing traffic to your primary domain, and allow you to analyze the exact impact of your marketing campaign by knowing what domain the traffic arrived at your site from.

Claim Your Brand

Purchasing multiple domains allows you to claim your brand, and certain variations of your brand, that you would prefer close competitors not have the opportunity to use. Since 15% of the searches performed on Google each day have never been seen before, your customers may vary in their ability to remember your domain name. By having a number of related domain names, you cover potential searches and type-in options and take advantage of every chance to draw customers to your website.

Afternic Weekly Sales: January 7, 2013 to January 13, 2013

Weekly Domain Sales Breakdown
Domain Sales for the two weeks of Jan 7, 2013 to Jan 13, 2013

Afternic’s sales totaled $967,502.

The top public sale for the past week was GardenBenches.com, which sold for $14,500.

The Specials category came in first, accounting for 17% of all domains sold in the past week, followed by Business at 14%.

Below please find the list of highlighted public domain sales.

Weekly Sales

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Sightings.com – Create a hub for celebrity sightings!

Sightings.comEach year, Hollywood rolls out the red carpets to celebrate the best in film and entertainment. Throughout the year, celebrities will prepare to accept countless awards as millions of viewers across the nation tune in to keep up with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Last year’s Grammy Awards drew 39.9 million viewers, followed closely by the Academy Awards with 39.3 million viewers.

But these TV ratings are dwarfed by the online activity relating to the shows and celebrities. The fascination that our culture has for celebrities and the famous has escalated, creating increased search traffic for celebrity sightings.

Sightings.com offers the perfect opportunity to tap into growing search potential and create a hub for celebrity gossip, fashion and sightings at the most opportune time.

With nearly 40 million searches for terms related to “Sightings” each month, Sightings.com has potential to be the next category-killer domain for celebrity news. Take advantage of this unique offer to develop or invest in this growing and lucrative societal trend.

Unlike existing popular news and gossip websites, which are not dedicated solely to celebrity sightings, Sightings.com offers a tremendous competitive advantage. The domain name alone is enough to dominate the search rankings, and if developed properly Sightings.com can become the next digital celebrity hub.

Turn this explosive growth into revenue by investing in Sightings.com today! For more information, please contact Todd Cantwell at 781-839-2857 or by email at tcantwell@afternic.com.

Domain Sales: January 2013

Top Selling Domain Categories for January

After last month’s jump to first place, the Specials category remains at the top of domain sales for January. Accounting for nearly a fifth of all sales, Specials experienced a 3.6% increase from 15.7%. This month’s total of 19.3% delivers one of the highest domain category percentages in the past several months.
Domain Sales
The Recreation category also experienced this popularity while it remained in the number one position for three months until December. Dropping from second, with 10.5% of domain sales, in December, to 5.8% of domain sales in January, this category seems to have settled down in demand to join the other lower percentage selling categories.

While categories may fluctuate on a fairly regular basis, Computers and Business remain strong in the domain categorization selling ranks. Ranging upwards from about 10%, these categories are consistently high in domain sales each month.

Recently, the Computers and Business categories have been followed closely by Society and Shopping as well. With the continual strength of these top selling categories, a recognizable trend has emerged.

If you’re unsure of where your domain names fit into categorization, take into consideration the best selling domain categories. By categorizing your domain, you have the opportunity to increase visibility and work towards a faster domain sale.