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Russia InternetLast week Afternic took part in the 17th Russian Internet Forum, the largest industry show in the country that attracted nearly 10,000 participants sharing experiences and discussing the latest trends in domains and hosting, online advertising, ecommerce and consumer trends.

The section of the show that focused on domains was organized by our trusted partner, the largest Russian registrar and hosting provider Hosting Community dba Rucenter. As the leading premium domains marketplace, Afternic participated in a panel and contributed to the debate by sharing our perspectives on existing and emerging trends in the global and regional premium domain markets.

Based on internal and partner data, we see opportunities for growth in the Russian-speaking internet space and a growing demand both for national domains and new gTLDs on the secondary market. What’s even more exciting is that we believe the average sale prices and transaction volume of these Russian domain purchases will be on par with those of the leading European platforms.

The panel discussion invariably touched upon the launch of new gTLDs, including the much anticipated .MOSCOW. The big question was how these new domain extensions would fit into the ever-expanding Russian internet, which already has the largest audience in Europe (and #6 globally).

Experts agree that the local internet industry is far from saturation and will continue to expand rapidly. The latest numbers presented by the Minister of Telecommunications at the Forum show that the Russian mobile internet population increased by 33% in 2012, while the advertising and ecommerce markets grew by 35% and 27% respectively. The average Russian internet user spends 100 minutes a day online, mostly on social media, mail, search and dating services – trends that local start-ups are picking up on fast. Afternic is looking forward to more business opportunities in the region, and will closely follow developments in the local internet space.

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