Purchasing Domains: Can SEO on a Spammy Domain be “Reset?”

Before you buy, know how your prospective domain ranks.
SEO Reset
If you’re in the market to purchase a domain, you’ll want to make sure that you conduct the proper background research on the domain before completing any purchase agreement. While the domain name might perfectly suit your business and contains the keyword you’ve been hoping for, you don’t want your new purchase to jeopardize your web presence before you’ve even gotten started.

When it comes to acquiring a new domain, you have the opportunity to register a brand new domain, which has never been used before, or take advantage of a premium domain, that may have already been used previously. Since many quality domain names have formerly been registered, domain purchases on the secondary market have become quite popular.

For instance, if you’ve started your own landscaping business you might be interested in purchasing a keyword-rich domain that properly represents your business or business name. While your initial reaction may be to purchase JohnSmithsLandscapingUnlimited.com, in order to cover the compete name of your business, you might also want to consider a shorter domain option, such as Landscaping.com. Since the first domain has never been used by anyone before, you are free to register it as a new domain on a registry website. Landscaping.com, however, is currently in use by another company. You’ll need to first get the owner to agree to sell it, but not before you do your research on where the domain stands in terms of SEO value and customer feedback.

If given the opportunity to purchase a domain that has already been used or developed before, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not starting at a disadvantage with a spam-ridden domain. On the occasion that the seller is attempting a last ditch effort to make a few dollars off of their deteriorating domain name, it is essential that you know where the domain stands before buying. A domain that has been flagged by Google as spam will be incredibly difficult to recover quickly, making it difficult to rank in organic search results. Even with new website development, you’ll need time to earn back a good standing, which is time you might not have.

In addition to Google’s lack of approval, you’ll also want to explore consumers’ opinions of the domain. Since a successful domain relies heavily on its ability to communicate with customers, it’s crucial that consumers will respond to your website and everything that comes with it, including your domain name. If the domain name has a poor reputation and customers perceive it to be spammy, then this may not translate to a successful website.

Because there’s simply no “reset” button when it comes to domains, be sure to do your research before you buy. If the domain requires more work than it’s worth, don’t be afraid to explore other domains for sale. You might just end up with an even better alternative in the end.

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