Travel Domain Investment

Take advantage of the summer vacation boom.
If you’re in the market for a new domain name, you might want to consider investing in a travel domain name. With the summer months quickly approaching and the temperatures slowly increasing, consumers are starting to think about their travel plans. Whether they are just beginning their preliminary research, or know exactly where they want to go, the internet has become an increasingly popular resource for planning travel experiences.

The boom of social media and mobile devices has further increased opportunities for any investor interested in the travel industry. Since 2010, travel queries on mobile devices, such as smart phones and iPads, have increased over 20% and continue to boom. Social media sites are also driving a tremendous amount of traffic to travel sites, taking account for nearly a quarter of all online bookings today.

As almost half of the American population, over 140 million people, prepare to take a vacation this summer, the revenue potential for a travel domain is incredible! Considering that the average vacation costs $1,180 per person, now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on consumers’ travel plans.

Whether you plan to develop a comprehensive site including everything from transportation to hotel accommodations, or offer reviews of destinations, the travel industry offers unbelievable promise. With the average customer visiting four vacation rental websites during research, and 49% of travelers relying on reviews to make their travel decisions, there are endless possibilities for successful development.

International visitors to the U.S. have also increased and added to the growth of the travel industry. As of this January, spending of international travelers has increased 11% from the previous year and brought total spending to $14.4 billion. The international market allows for great expansion of product or service offering, and further inflates the lucrative potential of a travel domain.

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