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Domain Hack Scrabble

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved word games like word searches, Scrabble, and Boggle. Perhaps that is why I like domain hacks so much. We all know it’s a challenge to find a great domain name, but with a domain hack it’s not just about finding the right domain. A domain hack requires you to come up with a clever word or phrase that works with the available domain extensions (and is available itself). Well, that sounds like a fun word game to me!

For the un-initiated, a domain hack is a domain that combines the domain name with the domain extension to spell out a word or make a phrase. There are several great domain extensions that work with domain hacks such as .ME, .AT, .IN, and .US. If you’re looking to establish your website on a unique domain name, look no further than a domain hack.

One thing to think about when deciding on your domain hack is how you feel about establishing your website on a domain extension other than .COM. The popular .COM does actually work with a few English words (intercom, sitcom, and telecom to be exact), but it’s obviously not ideal for a domain hack. Not owning a .COM is not a death sentence – as the popular and have shown. However, depending on the domain hack you choose, you may be able to own the .COM version as has done. They have completely branded themselves on their domain hack,, but also own the .COM version, They simply redirect any traffic it gets to their domain hack.

Having a unique domain name, whether it’s a domain hack or not, can be a great way to set your website apart. Your domain is a big part of your brand, but when you choose a unique domain name it becomes your brand. Choosing the right domain name can be tedious. Challenging yourself to find the right domain hack is a great way to add some fun to the process. And if you need a little help with this domain “word game,” I recommend, which is also great for cheating, er, I mean helping with Scrabble.

Robyn Norgan is on the marketing team at Dynadot LLC, a domain registrar and web host. She is a regular contributor to Dynadot’s blog, which features a mix of domain industry news, tips and information, sales, and, of course, some fun!

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