How to Reach Out to a Non-Domainer

Know your audience when trying to seal the deal.

When preparing to reach out to a domain owner to determine their interest in selling, it’s important to keep in mind that owning a domain name doesn’t automatically make you a domainer. Many individuals invest in domain names for business purposes only and have not considered selling them for a profit later.  For this reason, you’ll want to approach the owner with an open mind and be prepared to appropriately cater your offer to the domain owner.

Do Your Research

Just like any other consumer, there’s a fair amount of background research you can conduct before making a purchasing decision or proceeding into a negotiation. This is particularly crucial if you’re trying to convince someone to sell their domain. Before making any contact you’ll want to gather the facts, such as how much longer the domain has before it expires, and how many other domains the owner has. In many situations, this information will be beneficial in your outreach attempts.

Be Aware of Your Tone

Whether you are a domaining expert or a novice yourself, it’s essential that you communicate with a domain owner on their level. While educating them throughout the process might be welcomed by some owners, it’s important that you don’t give off a condescending tone or you may risk losing the sale. Even if a domain owner is not a domainer, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of doing their own research and understanding what their domain is worth and how the selling process works.

Be Patient

If you are someone who has bought and sold hundreds of domain names the selling process comes to you quite naturally by now. You are confident in your domain valuation skills and can maneuver through the escrow process with ease, but that doesn’t mean that the seller is as comfortable. So instead of rushing them through the transfer process, offer a helping hand or simply give them the time they need to catch up on what’s happening.

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