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What’s New at Afternic? January to March, 2024

What's new at Afternic - January to March 2024

Following a transformative 2023, where we introduced groundbreaking features, including Lease to Own and the Lead Center, our team has been hard at work bringing more updates to the Afternic platform. Here’s what we introduced between January and March, 2024.


A New's homepage

Visiting in 2024 is a brand-new experience with a fresh design.

For sellers, we have a treasure trove of information about our suite of tools and services, while buyers who navigate to are catered for by a redirect to GoDaddy’s optimized search path.

The redevelopment of is an ongoing process, and we are always gathering investor feedback to continue to develop the selling experience. Stay tuned for future iterations and updates!


Introducing the Help Center

Afternic's Help Center homepage

Alongside the redesign came the release of the Help Center, answering some of the most common questions users might have about Afternic.

Search the Help Center based on keywords, themes, or topics you want to learn more about, with answers directly from our sales and support teams.


Enhanced Security Dashboard

Afternic's security center

Afternic has always prioritized customer account security. The launch of the enhanced security dashboard presents a leap in user ability to protect and monitor their Afternic account.

While 2FA has long been a part of Afternic’s security offerings, features on our new security dashboard allow users to monitor recently logged sessions along with active sign-ins, ensuring users have full visibility of devices with account access.

Managing active sessions is simple, too, with the option to end any logged-in sessions that aren’t needed, or recognized.


Portfolio UI Improvements


Thanks to feedback from our sellers, we have released some user interface enhancements designed to improve the domain management experience on Afternic’s portfolio page.

Firstly, our horizontal slider had a small but important update. With up to 13 valuable columns available to users, we introduced two directional buttons that make scrolling across data columns simpler.

Scrolling across the portfolio view, users will notice Afternic’s second notable UI adjustment, sticky columns. Both the ‘Domain’ and ‘Actions’ columns are always in place, providing quick reference while managing your portfolio alongside access to important actions.


Transaction Assurance 2.0

Throughout early 2024, Afternic has been transitioning away from the Classic experience towards Afternic 2.0’s features and design as standard.

The final part of the logged-in experience to be released in 2.0 was the Transaction Assurance area.

Transaction Assurance, used to manage the sales closing process, is easily accessible through the Sold domains page.


Revamped Member Profiles

Afternic member profiles

As part of the move to Afternic 2.0, we have redesigned member profile pages, the public destination to share your Afternic domain portfolio.

Public profiles provide a list of domains owned by a seller, along with links to buy or make an offer on individual domain names.


Performance Statistics

Afternic performance dashboard

How is your portfolio performing at Afternic? The seller dashboard now has performance data, for close monitoring of a portfolio’s performance over time. Year-to-date, and overall figures are available for account revenue, sales, and Lease to Own deals.


What’s Next?

We have plenty of exciting updates to come throughout 2024, driven by customer feedback. These include adding a Lease to Own option on GoDaddy Landers, self-brokered make offer functionality and advanced filtering on the portfolio page. Stay tuned!

James Iles is the domain investment community manager for GoDaddy. Prior to this, James was a prolific writer in the domain name industry through outlets such as and Outside domaining, James’ free time is taken up by his baby daughter.

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