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Using GoDaddy Cart to Improve Buyer Purchase Process for Afternic Broker Sales


We are excited to announce a major enhancement to the Afternic buying process that will remove friction and make the buying experience more seamless. This development is set to benefit not only domain buyers but also domain sellers.

Back in 2021, when we first introduced Buy It Now landers, we saw positive feedback on the ease of the checkout process, which routed buyers to the well-known GoDaddy checkout.

While that was a leap forward, buyers of brokered domain names from Request Price landers still completed their purchases through the cart.

Domain investors who want to sell domains are familiar with Afternic, but it’s GoDaddy’s global recognition and trustworthiness that resonates with end-users. That’s why we have completed work to enable Request Price buyers to flow through the GoDaddy checkout system.


What’s new?

Instead of going through a separate Afternic cart, buyers who negotiate purchases from a Request Price lander are now beginning to be directed to GoDaddy’s checkout page, where they can complete the transaction in a few clicks.

Previously, the checkout link buyers received looked something like this: Now, buyers will be prompted to checkout using a GoDaddy checkout link like this:

This change is designed to make the domain buying process more seamless, convenient, and secure.

Here are some of the advantages of using GoDaddy cart to complete the purchase of aftermarket domains:

  • Increased buyer trust: Buyers are more familiar with GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar, and trust its brand and reputation. By eliminating the Afternic brand from the purchase flow, buyers are less likely to experience confusion.
  • Faster delivery: Buyers who purchase domains that are enabled for Fast Transfer will receive the domain instantly in their GoDaddy account without having to wait for manual transfer. This means faster delivery and lower risk of technical issues.
  • More payment methods: Buyers can choose from a variety of payment methods on GoDaddy cart, including local options that were not available on Afternic. This means more buyers can pay with their preferred method and currency, reducing friction.
  • Global brand advantage: Buyers can checkout in their preferred language on GoDaddy cart rather than only English on Afternic cart, making the purchase experience more accessible and user-friendly for international customers.

Over the past two months, we’ve been gradually implementing these changes. As of today, April 9th, all new buyers coming to Afternic’s Brokerage team will be directed through this improved purchase path.

Looking ahead, we will extend the GoDaddy checkout pathway to other Afternic buyer entry points.  We will also update other touch points with buyers that use Afternic branding today to use the more familiar GoDaddy brand.

This aligns with our vision of continuing to improve and iterate to serve as the central listing service for sellers while leaning into the strength of the Afternic Reseller Network, including GoDaddy, for buyers.

For our domain sellers, you will directly benefit from the reduced buyer friction and a more streamlined fulfillment process since manual fulfillment will be significantly reduced.

We are excited about the benefits that this delivers for buyers and, as a result, domain sellers.

Alan Shiflett is the Senior Director of Product and Sales for the Aftermarket at GoDaddy. With over 15 years of experience at GoDaddy, Alan has a deep passion for empowering domain investors and has played a pivotal role in shaping the domain aftermarket landscape. His expertise in domain portfolio management and sales strategies has helped countless investors achieve success.

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