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Welcome to Afternic’s Fast Transfer network, .xyz and .io!


Afternic’s Fast Transfer network is a powerful ally for any domain name seller. By listing your domain name with Afternic and enabling Fast Transfer capabilities, your domain name is distributed to the widest list of partner registrars, resellers, and affiliates in our network.

Up until now, Fast Transfer capabilities have been enabled for the .com, .net, .biz, .org, .pw, .co, .de and .info domain extensions. Starting December 7th, we’re excited to announce that .xyz and .io are joining the Fast Transfer network.

The Fast Transfer network currently includes over 90 partners, contributing to 85 million monthly search queries across our network, bringing unparalleled exposure for aftermarket domain names.

Fast Transfer provides immediate transfer to buyers after payment is received. For sellers, it means no work required to transfer your domain name upon selling, while typically allowing them to get paid quicker with a faster closing time compared with Afternic’s standard network.


Why XYZ and IO?

Both .xyz and .io are popular choices for buyers. In recent years, the domain industry has witnessed many tech and Web3 companies adopting these extensions. The .io extension has established itself in the wider tech community as a viable option for both new and established brands.

At Afternic, .xyz and .io held the fifth and sixth positions, respectively, in the list of the top 20 extensions for 2022. They followed .com, .org, .net, and .co, which are already Fast Transfer enabled.

Providing Fast Transfer support for .xyz and .io domain names gives domain sellers wider exposure for their domain names while highlighting aftermarket choices to a larger pool of potential buyers.


What do I need to do?

To make sure that you can enable Fast Transfer for your .xyz and .io domain names once we launch on December 7th, follow these steps:

  • Include a Buy Now price up to $100,000: Fast Transfer supports domains with a Buy Now price up to $100,000. Don’t worry; domains priced above $100,000 will be distributed through our standard network, but they won’t be eligible for Fast Transfer.
  • Check your domain’s registrar: Because Fast Transfer requires specific platform technology, your .xyz or .io domains need to be registered with a Fast Transfer-enabled registrar. Check if your registrar is on the list.
  • Check your expiration date: To opt in to the Fast Transfer network, your domains should have more than 30 days left until they expire.
  • Confirm your registration period: To comply with ICANN regulations, your domains must have been registered with your current registrar for at least 60 days.

On December 7th, Afternic will enable Fast Transfer for .xyz and .io. At that point, Afternic will send you an email confirming that your domain name is eligible for Fast Transfer.

This will be followed by an email from your domain’s registrar telling you how to opt into Fast Transfer. It’s important to remember that opting into Fast Transfer will happen by signing in to your domain’s registrar rather than Afternic.

You will follow your registrar’s opt-in process, but if you want to check on the Fast Transfer status of your domain name, you will be able to do that from your Afternic portfolio page under the Fast Transfer column.

If you have questions about your registrar’s Fast Transfer opt-in process, we’d recommend contacting your registrar directly.


What happens next?

Once you have enabled your domain names for Fast Transfer, they will be added to our Fast Transfer network, and domain sellers will begin to benefit from Afternic’s Fast Transfer network.

James Iles is the domain investment community manager for GoDaddy. Prior to this, James was a prolific writer in the domain name industry through outlets such as and Outside domaining, James’ free time is taken up by his baby daughter.

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