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Ownership verification comes to Afternic 2.0

Afternic ownership verification - header image with screenshot

One of the most requested product features that I have received from the community has been to add automated ownership verification to Afternic.

Up until now, verifying ownership of a domain name in order to move outdated listings into your account involved contacting Afternic’s customer service team.

In April 2023, Afternic released a new automated ownership verification system that replaces the customer service-led method for a faster and simpler experience. 

You’ll encounter the automated ownership verification flow when attempting to add a domain name to your Afternic portfolio that is already listed in the Afternic system.

For a full walkthrough of automated ownership verification, read this blog post on GoDaddy Garage.

James Iles is the domain investment community manager for GoDaddy. Prior to this, James was a prolific writer in the domain name industry through outlets such as and Outside domaining, James’ free time is taken up by his baby daughter.

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